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RE: When will it all end?

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I have always been thinking about death since I was like 6th grade. One of the closest uncle(brother of my father) passed away, we were standing in front of his body and I had no idea what happened. Until, he's buried and they told me I can no longer see him no more, and then I freaked out and started to think where does he go? Can he "survived" six feet under. Until today, I have been having the thought of dig "him" out of his grave and spend a fortune to clone him 😂


You must love your uncle very much.

In a way, yes. As a kid, I will only remember who buys me chocolate oftenly. I am sure my dad loves me more, but he's not buying me chocolate as much as my uncle do 😂

I even wrote a sci-fi story about clone, but in Chinese. Anyway, looking forward on your next story 🤗

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Your story sounds interesting perhaps one day you will translate it into English. Your uncle wanted to spoil you he loved you so much. :)