Steemit INTERVIEW: @exyle talks crypto, Steem, blockchain, blogging [dTube]re

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This is my latest Steemit interview with @exyle aka Mark

We discussed many interesting topics, including:

  • How he got started on Steem
  • His approach to video blogging
  • Thoughts about Steem 2018
  • Smart Media Tokens, Communities, and cryptocurrency
  • Much more

Let me know who I should interview next!

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What is the criteria to qualify for an interview, by chance?

Since you have interviewed exyle. Have you interviewed adsactly. These are the people that do much well on steemit

I have not interviewed adsactly but would love to

Congratulations for the interview to both of you! :) Thanks to @exyle's resteem I found you David and I'm now following.

thank you very much, really appreciate it!

wao i like your vedio because you have struggled on and make work hard and now this time is start for become successfull man . i hope you will be success

Thanks for the interview, David.

very nice blog friend.i hope you have get a chance.

sir i want to know more crypto i have only little bit knowledge about that how can i get the in formatin
resteemit done

Good information guys, thank for your share, and now I can be know this formation. Thank sir.

seems To be a Great and Succesful Interview I will watch Complete Interview..keep It Up May God blessed You More In mEdia And You will achieved What You Want to...Thanks For This...resteem it...

wonderfull post,i like DTUBE & IPFS

i saw your previous post and this post... i impressed to see your blog.... your skill is very good in this topic....

Why not completely get rid of Steem Dollars?

I´m loving this interviews. They´re like little waterdrops that fill the cup of the belief in steem. Please keep the good work!

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Most awaited blog

awesome. never knew how to say 'Exyle' because his accent is so strong in his own videos.

Interesting interview @daviparkman. There were main subjects mentioned. I want to comment about the price of SBD.

I think that the reason why it is trading over $1 (except Tether's evidence), people started exchanging it through the Steem blockchain. Instead of cashing out what it was mainly made of, we started to use it as rewards in many different contests, paying for voting bots etc. SBD became more usable currency on the blockchain than Steem is (probably, because of its "stability"). That's why it increased demand for SBD and more of us buy it even if the price goes up but cashing out makes it lower.

So, probably when Smart Media Tokens come to the platform, demand for SBD will go down to $1. Let's see the game.

Thanks for the interview again.

@davidpakman I really enjoyed this interview with Mark @exyle and he is like my Favorite Steemian I have been Following him pretty much since I started on Steemit. He has a lot of great insight into the Future of what Steemit will become once some really big names embrace the platform.

Gooe sir qppreciate u