January thoughts about the things I learned in 2017

in #life3 years ago (edited)

To be completely honest, to me 2017 felt like some weird thriller-comedy, directed by Quentin Tarantino and written by George R.R. Martin. I won't argue why I leave it solely to one's own reflection.

However, there are a few things I learned last year :

Buddha was right. Or Buddha was. Or, was. Or, nothing.

Science and Bible argue the existence of the same thing.

People can never fully interact with each other because there is always a language barrier, but harmony can be obtained by being aware of that.

Honest introspections hold life lessons.

Reality shifted. Trump is president.

Duncan's diet must have worked because Duncan truly believed in it.

A hundred scientists can tell you a hundred different true stories about a drop of water.

Perception creates belief.

The difference between a live guitarist playing on regular Thursdays in a club and a live guitarist filling up stadiums is chance.

All knowledge in the world is useless if you remove the reference point.

I am because of and thanks to everything around me.


The smallest expectations hold the best results. :)




Haha 2017 was a wild ride, much like a Tarantino film. I believe much of what you have stated is true, I like the part about perception creating belief. Believing in something is rooted in our emotion. Emotion manifests into thought, which manifests into belief and action. I think our happiness is derived from our quality of thought.

Thanks for sharing

Many thanks @toddoto, you are right :)

That was clearly a good year for you, you obviously learned what there is to learn :-)

indeed it was, now it's all about feeling :)

Wow I loved this so much hahaha. Especially the first one about Buddha. So good.

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