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RE: Family Vacation at the Vinpearl Resort on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam Part 2

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Hi, Kaminchan! Thanks so much for a very nice and thoughtful comment 😊. This vacation was last year and the boy goes to school now 😊. He was ok with the heat but walking a few hours in the afternoon was not a good idea. That was my fault but he had fun so he doesn't remember that part 😀. Have a good night Kaminchan 😊.


Hi! Just have to come back to look at those photos of the aquarium again! Those fish just seem so unreal in terms of size and colours!!

Nice photos, will have another look again. Just couldn't get over the fish!

Hey! So happy you enjoyed them. Thanks 😃. Please come back again. Haha. Have a good night 😉.