Cryptography Challenge #2

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Can you outsmart the rest of Steemit?

I will be doing a variety of these cryptography challenges along with my Cryptology Series. Use any resources you need to complete the challenges including the web, image search, past posts,books etc... You will need to think outside of the box and use all of your skills. If any of the terminology below is confusing refer to my Cryptology Series Part 1: Getting the Basics. You will receive 1 hint per challenge and each challenge will increase in complexity! As more people get involved, and author rewards increase I will increase the prizes as well.

This Cryptography Challenge is sponsored by @stonedfood 

He does original ms paint artwork

Be sure to check out his blog and give him some upvote love!


First person to decrypt the cipher text below wins!

You must upvote, provide the decrypted plain text and a brief description of the method used to decrypt in order to receive your prize!

The prize is 25 STEEM

The first 5 people to resteem this post will receive 1 STEEM. You must post a comment with “Resteem” to receive the STEEM.

All entries must be in by Friday March 10 @5:00PM ET

If there is no winner the prize will be rolled into the next challenge.

Cryptography Challenge # 2

Hint: You will need to decipher the first Cipher Text for a clue needed to decrypt the second. Each Cipher Text is encrypted with a different cryptography method. Both of which have been covered in past posts.

First Cipher Text: R M G V T I R G B

Second Cipher Text: G B N L G M M M Y A G X H B Z K M M Z L

Good luck!

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Signing off


I know I unwittingly sponsored your post, but I couldn't help myself. Here's the solution to part A:


Very good! Even though you sponsored you can still play!! I am still hoping you can whip up a simple MS paint sketch/advertisement that I can use as an image for my next challenge! Goodluck with the rest of the challenge!!!

Well you don't get credit if you don't show your work, right? To be honest, you want someone more skilled than me to make your logo, haha. However, I do like to get really baked and do cryptanalysis... So here you go! Great puzzle, and keep up the good work! Hope this is educational for the rest of the posters because this is a damn good cipher for just a pencil and paper.


Side note for keeners: This same cipher with the key size scaled up to the length of the message can become the (nearly) indestructible cipher known as the one time pad. Just make sure the key is random and kept secret!

Great Job! Yeah, it is a simple but I think awesome cipher. I am glad you brought up the one time pad, I will be covering that fairly soon in my next cryptology series post! Thanks, I really like doing these contests, hopefully I can get more people involved and get more sponsors :) that way I can do bigger prizes!! Hope you will follow and try future contests! I will send you your Prize now!

Finally being a math nerd has paid off! I will be keeping an eye on your future posts with much anticipation. I am a Ph.D at pizza delivery, you know.

Haha, I will make sure to make the next one more of a challenge!!! Test those math skills ;)

Resteem and followed! :)

Your Steem should be in your wallet! Thanks, glad you are following! Goodluck with the challenge! :)

Thanks, your Steem should be in your wallet, good luck with the challenge!

Hey hey man cool endeavor, for the future if you use to inspect your post you view a full list of all the people who are reblogged your post in the inspect data section. Check it out here at the bottom of the list of data points

actually looks like thats my bad on this, i think this data point isnt linked up yet.....possibly coming to fruition in HF 17 I dunno, does anyone know?

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, thats why I just have people leave a comment. I sent you your STEEM as well! I just want to get more people involved so I can give out bigger prizes to people, right now these posts dont have very high author payouts, if that changes then I will be able to do more challenges! Hope you will give the next challenge a try!!

Yea man for sure, ill be watching for it :)

Resteem! :)

Thanks! Your Steem is in your wallet! I hope you will follow my blog and take a crack at my next challenge!

Thank you,followed! :)