Well you don't get credit if you don't show your work, right? To be honest, you want someone more skilled than me to make your logo, haha. However, I do like to get really baked and do cryptanalysis... So here you go! Great puzzle, and keep up the good work! Hope this is educational for the rest of the posters because this is a damn good cipher for just a pencil and paper.


Side note for keeners: This same cipher with the key size scaled up to the length of the message can become the (nearly) indestructible cipher known as the one time pad. Just make sure the key is random and kept secret!

Great Job! Yeah, it is a simple but I think awesome cipher. I am glad you brought up the one time pad, I will be covering that fairly soon in my next cryptology series post! Thanks, I really like doing these contests, hopefully I can get more people involved and get more sponsors :) that way I can do bigger prizes!! Hope you will follow and try future contests! I will send you your Prize now!

Finally being a math nerd has paid off! I will be keeping an eye on your future posts with much anticipation. I am a Ph.D at pizza delivery, you know.

Haha, I will make sure to make the next one more of a challenge!!! Test those math skills ;)

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