Unbelievable News - Life in Prison for Armed Robbery of Domain Name

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Burglary, robbery, kidnapping and a shoot-out over… a domain name?!

"A home break-in that resulted in two men being shot – one of whom was later charged with burglary, robbery and kidnapping – was the result of a domain name dispute, cops have said."

Its almost impossible to believe , however its true

Why I am sharing in Steemit , If you ever face such a situation by a domain name robber , how do you react?

Here is the simple answer , don't get panicked and dont get involved into any fights or arguments, just handover the domain name as you can always claim the pwnership back.

This leads to the question how the domain name can be reclaimed ?

Again the answer is very simple, domain names are the intellectual property , domain names can be moved from one account to another account of a same registar or completely transferring the domain name out of the current registar to new registar.

If lets assume you have moved the domain name from your account to the robbers account, you can contact the support team of respective domain name registar to reclaim back as they can clearly see you have owned such name and an attempt domain move. They will be quite helpful and help you out .

In case the domain name transfer has initiated to other registar, it takes few days to complete the complete transfer in most of the cases .. also the receiving registars will be considerate to the details and will help you out even in a situation where the domain name is transferred out already..

So there is no need to fight with the robber, let the robber steal the domain name and make sure he / she get caught .. :)

Your life is more important than a domain name, Just my honest opinion . We may read the similar stories of cryptocurrnecy (bitcoin robbery) or digial currency robbers in future.. As the digital assets values are growing up , we will see more and more such news coming around.

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