Whose life is better?? dad's or mine

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Hello Steamians, I have joined steemit only less than 24 hours before. I have explored a bit and it sounds fascinating .. an awesome advanced social platform sharing fortunes in the true spirits of "Social Platform"

Let me come to my story.. I have born in a remote village in India , its a beautiful village with full of relatives and relations .. lot of functions every season , festivals to celebrate .. however as it's remote village there was no technology not even telephone connections and TV sets ..etc . I am referring around 1986 to 88 times here ..

My dad is a farmer and we own some farm land .. all he strived entire life is producing more rice , grocery ,so he can feed his family and society .. without he knowing the job creation techniques he created jobs for 30 plus farm labourers .. he is a customer to small businesses in village .. also the house core duties such as washing clothes are performed by a washer and in return of their effort my dad used to give them two bags of rice .. same with barber , carpenter .. etc .. more than cash they used to trade in RICE. My dad is used produce pesticide free organic food without he is unaware the importance of organic food .. traditionally this is how it was in India at that time ...
Pollution free , organic food , lot of near and dear .. helping society the best he can ...this is dad story ..things are changed now my dad enjoying the best of technology high speed 4g is available too ..

Coming to my story ... my dad want to see me as an engineer because he thought education will give a better life to me .. I have studied hard to make his dreams come true. I lived to his expectations or performed beyond his expectations .. while going through this journey I also moved a remote village to small town then to a big city and started working as a reputed tech geek in USA and Europe... I have phenomenal success rate compare to other kids in born some place .. is this an illusion ?? May be yes ..

I worked hard .. focused on targets .. not balanced to spend quality life with family in the pursuit of winning in competitive world .. I created jobs in corporate world .. corporate world is full of politics and everyone work for need, some times I feel the life in cities is spoiled and forgot the essence of human life .. it's a system problem than individual problem.. just my opinion .. living in polluted cities using the best of technology, partying until late nights .. .. depending on super market grocery .. where as my dad used to produce his own organic food and used to be more self reliant ..

Every life has its own merits .. whose life is better My one or my dad's? Enlighten me with your thoughts..


First of all, don't regret about anything, you seem to have achieved a lot and all those experiences could only do you good if you exploit them. Second I am sure your dad is really proud of you, your success is not an illusion but it doesn't mean you feel fullfilled or happy with just that. I too don't like to live in polluted big cities I prefer the small ones for the same reasons you mentioned. You and your dad both seem great guys let's not compare your lives. Feel free to change everything you doesn't like man that's my advice. I mean it, everything

@theokritos36 thank you for your kind words.. much appreciated.. i do proud of my achivmeents as well as my dads.. now i am proud dad myself.. my dad has coached me to chose the path and as per him the life i am living is better than his.. but as a son i see the beauty of his life and appreciation for the kind of life he is leading .. now its the time for me to coach my son in right direction .. the post i have done is more introspecting myself and also there could be several other guys / girls like me who might facing the same dilemma.. it would be interesting to see few more members share their thoughts ..