How to celebrate New Year and Christmas in Russia

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Hello, my dear friends.
I want to travel the world to see how people live in different countries, to study traditions, but, unfortunately, I can not afford it. I know that in other countries there are people who also can not travel. Therefore, I want to tell you about the traditions of my country. Today I will tell you about Christmas traditions. If you are in the comments on this post, tell us about the Christmas traditions in your country, it will be great! :) We all learn something new and interesting.


In Russia, New Year and Christmas are two different holiday. Until 1918 our ancestors celebrated only Christmas. This holiday combines two events: the beginning of the new year and the birth of the child Jesus. In 1917, in Russia, the Communists seized power and banned faith in God, the law approved the New Year holiday, which we celebrate on the night of December 31 to January 1. People concealed their belief in God, but they did not give. Celebrated Christmas secretly. Fear of being discovered is added to the Christmas mystery.


Preparation for the New Year begins a few days before the holiday. Parents buy a living Cristmas tree. In the evening, the whole family gathers near a treeand decorated it with various ornaments. In rich families, colored glass balls hang on the Christmas tree. In poor families, a simple decoration hangs on the tree. The installation of the Christmas tree and its decoration have become a family tradition for all residents of Russia.


I remember how my childhood experiences always await the wonderful fulfillment of my desires. Now I'm an adult but like a child waiting for a miracle and fulfillment of desires. In the New Year's eve, parents hide the presents under a Christmas tree. In the morning the parents tell the children about that night came Grandfather Frost. Our Grandfather Frost is the same as Santa Claus.

In the evening of December 31, many people go to visit their friends or relatives. There are many different dishes on the holiday table and a lot of alcohol. The most traditional and most favorite dish of the New Year's table salad "Olivier". Despite the French name, this salad has nothing to do with France and Mr. Olivier. This is a meat salad. In its composition boiled eggs, boiled meats, boiled potatoes, pickled cucumbers, onion, marinated peas and mayonnaise.



Still waiting when the time is 23:59. At this time, on television, the President congratulates the people of Russia. After the greeting, the sound of a large Kremlin watch was broadcast. The sound of the Kremlin clock resembled the sound of a bell. Call the clock exactly 12 times. The last twelve sounds coincide with the time 00:00. At that moment everyone was shouting greetings with the beginning of the New Year. All that I like about this holiday, because everyone has a hope that in the new year life will be better and fulfilled with dreams. Many people write their wishes on small sheets of paper. When the Kremlin clock first makes a sound, all people open champagne, pour it into crystal glasses and set fire to pieces of paper with their wishes. The paper holds your fingers and waits for the paper to completely burn. The desire will be granted if the person has time to pour the champagne, wait for the complete burning of paper, throw the leftovers into a glass of champagne and drink champagne immediately after the twelfth strike of the Kremlin clock. Congratulating each other, many people go out and fireworks start.


Then some return to their homes and continue to celebrate, and some go to the central square of the city. In the square near the big city Christmas tree everyone is happy, everyone congratulate each other.

January 7 is Christmas in Russia. This is a religious holiday, therefore it is celebrated with family modestly and calmly. This is a consequence of the prohibitions of belief in God.


Young, unmarried ladies make Christmas rituals harmless on a Christmas night. The purpose of these rituals is to find a future husband. Rituals are many, and they are all different. For example, if you put a small mirror under the pillow, in the dream you sees future husband. There is a more serious ritual. On the table the two sets of mirrors. Between the mirrors put the candle and light it. The reflection of the first mirror is reflected in the second mirror. It's very similar to an endless corridor. The girl throws a spell and looks in the mirror corridor. After a while, she will necessarily see the face of her future husband in the mirror. This is a very dangerous ritual. There is a legend in which it is said that during a ritual, a mirror can be a demon. Therefore, these rituals are always conducted in non-residential premises.


All schools from 1 to 10 January is not working. Children vacation. Many institutions do not work. Break for adults:) These are holidays for all people in the country. So we celebrate New Year and Christmas in Russia.


all photo by @dmiton


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Thanks a lot it, your ideas are also very inspiring for me.

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Nice post @dmiton how I wish I could travel this month in different places too even entire Philippines. Nice place in Russia.

Thank you @sharatots!:)
Often we don't notice beauty of the area in which were born and we live. We since the birth get used to the area and it seems to us that it is ordinary. And for tourists it new, unusual.

Happy upcoming new year, greetings from holand 🤗😇
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Thank you and happy new year!:)

Great posting about Russia's Christmas. I live in South Korea.

Good story, and have a nice holiday.


very good post and photos. congrats and thank you for sharing .

It is almost alike in Canada, to the finest details!

It's great!:)

Nice to meet you. Peace to you and yours this season.

Thank you @platosgroove!:) Peace, kindness and happiness to you!

New connection. The universe is altered.

Beauty is a universal language anywhere in the world.

You're absolutely right!:)

Nice to meet you.

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Oh bro, I don't know what to teach you. I just started learning:)

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Sounds really fun, the new years food sounds amazing and the differnt name for santa is awesome.
I want to eat the food in the picts to bad!!!!!!!

If you travel to Russia, come to visit me and every day I'll feed you delicious food. Eat as much as you want!!!!!! :))

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Marry Christmas my friend. We are not celebrating crismas lol

Thank you @mimbel! I think you have many other interesting traditions:)

Keep up the good work!

I'm from post-Soviet country so we celebrate New Year the same. The few differences are: a majority here don't celebrate Christmas and official holidays are shorter. Also, I didn't know about those rituals.

Hi! I do not know much English so I use Google translator. Maybe Google did wrong translation?:) If you know Russian language, then you will understand, I wrote about "Рождественские гадания".

Ааа, понятно. :)

wow wonderful your all photography friend @dmiton

Oh, great! What is it? Did you do this?

This is our religious festival. . And I was present in this program. .. @dmiton

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Merry Christmas :)

Great, highly interesting and great photos! Thank you.

That was interesting :)
I was surprised by 'drinking' the burned paper and Christmas on the 7th of January.

I was surprised by 'drinking' the burned paper...

Yes, it's really very unusual. But for the freebies people can do even more strange things:)))

Christmas on the 7th of January

The difference of thirteen days between 25 December and 7 January had arisen because of the different calendars. The Roman Catholic and the Protestant Church uses the Gregorian calendar, the Russian Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar.
In 1582 in Europe began to use the Gregorian calendar, while Russia continued to use the Julian calendar.

I never realised this. I will drink on the Russians on 7 January 😃 🍷

Great!!! :))

Happy new year 🌟

Happy upcoming new year!:)

great post promoting russian culture...

Wow! Its so much holy and the historical day on the earth.

thank you so much,brother.

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good post dear


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wow those foods. <3

Great balance of fantastic photos and writing @dmiton. So interesting about the rituals for finding a husband!

Thank you @karencarrens!:) Oh yeah, it's always mesmerizing. Night, candlelight, quiet. It brings to heart the great fear:)

happy year be very happy next year

Thank you @skyline1!:) Peace to you and happiness!!!

This was great to learn about the Russian traditions. That bread looks wonderful, does it have caviar on it?

Thank you @donnadavisart!:) Yes, you're right, it's salmon caviar. 20 years ago we could afford to make sandwiches with black sturgeon caviar. Today, black caviar has a very high cost:)

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Nice, makes me feel happy that we have some similar traditions in Canada. Decorating the real tree was always special when I was a kid. My parents still get a real tree. I love the smell, to me that smell means Christmas! :)

O yeah! Completely I agree with you!:) Your mandalas super!!!

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Счастливого Рождества и веселой встречи Нового года!)

Спасибочки большое!!!:) И Вам счастливого Рождества и удачного Нового Года!!!:)

@dmiton Merry Christmas! i just followed you.

Thanks @annadeda!:) Merry Christmas!!!:)

wuao, bonitas fotos, y maravillosos lugar, suerte y saludos desde venezuela

Gracias @abiel!!! Hola Venezuela de Rusia!!!:)

Have a nice Christmas in russia !

Your french

Thank you @lampesducap!!! Joyeux Noël à Bordeaux!!!:)

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wow..merry Christmas. that's a nice with delicious food..

O yeah!:) Thanks!

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wonderful . love your great work there..I m from Pakistan north area.. I love cultures i have research on our PASHTUN culture. hear is my culture story.. check it out.

А где фотографии знаменитого салата Оливье? Без него никак нельзя :)

О-о-о, вид у мсье Оливье был непригляден и он наотрез отказался фотографироваться!:))

Why don’t you have an ability to travel?

My salary is 600USD per month. My expenses 580USD per month. And therefore can't afford to travel:)

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Dear sf,
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Great post..loved it..
here's a related post either:
besides Christmas, Persian people have Yalda Night celebration,

U inspire me thanks for this

great story!
Now I know little about Rusian's Christmas!

Good to know!




What an interesting post, dmiton, thank you very much for sharing it.


Oh my, oh my, this thing with mirrors! I mean, it is sooo more magical than christian, dont you think? It is a bit scary, too. She needs to be so brave to do all that if there is a belief in a demon who could also be shown. Very interesting.

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Learned about this last year when I went to the Russian Mueseum in Minneapolis, MN

Me ha sido muy útil gracias

Как интересно почитать про наши российские праздники здесь, на Steemit))

Wooww..... nice
Thank. Dmilton ... please voting mee

Interesting :) Thanks for sharing your culture with us.

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