A Travelers Prayer

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A good friend of mine sent this to me. He got it from a translation of Hebrew writings. CFE45C59-5A5F-435D-988D-B10097B6FE72.jpeg

“May God guide your footsteps toward peace, and cause you to reach a happy destination. May he rescue you from the hand of every foe, and every ambush along the way. And may you have a wonderful time.”

With another vision of today’s beauty, we will hope for answered prayers.

Here is today’s beauty.



Great thought for the day.

Thanks for this prayer.

awesome pray for you by your friend same from my side

A Beautiful prayer for your friend. Lots of love, sir.

Yes, God's guidance is very important as we travel through the journey of life. And praise God He guides us in all our ways.

Thank you @doctorjohn for this.