Everyone is Someone Else's Weirdo

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I forget where I heard this quote but it immediately became a favorite. What is a weirdo? It's a person who does strange things. It's someone you look at and think, “What is wrong with that person?” It's someone who doesn't conform with the standards of the people around them. Off-beat, off-kilter, someone whose behavior or lifestyle doesn't make sense.

But we have to ask the question – doesn't make sense to whom? To you? Or to them? And this is what I find the most interesting part. Are they weird because they do things that you don't do? Dress differently than you? Think differently than you? Well, maybe they look at you and think the same thing! In fact that's probably what they do think!

It's a big wonderful world with so many options to choose from! I could start listing all the choices we have but I would never come to the end of it, and I'd probably miss thousands that I'd never think of. But here are a few -

  • Do you have a regular-paying job? Some people think that's an essential part of being an adult. Other people think it's crazy to lock yourself down into doing the same work day after day. Who is the weirdo?
  • Do you dress conservatively? Matching shoes and dress, harmonizing colors? Or do you look for bright colors and designs? Do you think the matchy-matchy look is too weird?
  • Do you own or rent a house or apartment? Is that stability important to you? Or do you value the ability to take off and travel at a moment's notice? Don't want to be tied down to a specific place? Don't want that responsibility?

Thinking about these choices and how people make different choices and how these different choices make the world a more interesting place, this quote has become my motto. It helps me to remember that judging someone's choices is a two-way street. Maybe in my car at a stop sign next to a tricked-out purple truck with a big loud motor. What a weirdo, I might think. But then again they might feel sorry for me in my 10-year-old sedan that needs a paint job!

Liberal/conservative. Old/young. Rich/poor. So easy to stand over on 'our' side and disapprove of the other, while they're doing the same thing over on 'their' side! Which brings me to another favorite quote, “What you see depends on where you stand.”

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Me being a weirdo in the wig shop!

Because a friend told me I look like Judi Dench.

You be the judge!

Me & Judi 2.jpg

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LOL.. you're really looked like a weirdo with that wig... choose the brown one and I think it's Judi Dench who looks like you

I wouldn't mind looking like her! I think she is a handsome woman.
I own two wigs, but they are not blonde, they are brown with a red tint. I only wore them when I was making videos so I didn't have to fuss with my own hair. (The videos aren't very good, that's why I don't show them. But I still have those wigs, just in case!)

😂😂😂 love your natural hair though 😉 just like in the handfasting photo or you with the husband😊 I think you should try to show us the video sometimes😊

Thank you. My natural hair is a dark blonde, but I have colored it red with henna for 20 years or so. ;-)

Before I did some videos I bought a green screen and learned how to use it to show different backgrounds. Here is a little test I made. I am wearing my short wig and you can see I used my garden for some backgrounds. Don't laugh too much!

😊 I am not laughing.. but I'm Rolling on the floor giggling 😅😆 you shouldn't sit on the rolling chair but love your expression and that text really fun.
Please, don't removed the video 😉 I need to re-watch it again later when I'm alone.

LOL It makes me giggle too. Yes, I learned about that chair, and many other things from making test videos. I had fun with that one, going to the moon! Yes, of course I will leave it up for your entertainment!

I made a few videos and a good friend, I trust her judgment, said they weren't good enough. She said she would help me with lighting and makeup. We got as far as the makeup part then her husband got sick and she had to work 3 jobs and no time to help me, which I totally understand. That was a year ago. I have better lights, microphone, and green screen, so I'm all set to make more, but I haven't.

This is great! Are you wigging out today? Weird; has a connotation of being somewhat negative in society... I tend to think, that was strange or bizarro are the words I use for weird or strange behavior... I was the black sheep in the family so weird is just a state of normal for me, and I love my weirdness, there's something about going away from the status quo that forces you into your own consciousness and as you Vibe up you really don't give a crap about judgements of others. For me it's LABELS!! I don't play label game... like are you a democrat or republican? NO, I'm Consciousness... STOP LABELING= CREATES SEPARATION!

Wigging out? I see what you did there! ;-)

"...weird is just a state of normal..." -- that's another good quote right there!

Judging, labeling, separating, dividing us, it's hard to step back and get a perspective when we're in the middle of it. People are so interesting when you get to know them.

Caroline Myss says something along the lines that if you were born to a family that doesn't understand you, thank the Universe that this is so! You were meant to be more, to break away from those limits. If you stayed within their limits you would never know what you could become!

I don't know if you look like Judi Dench but you are definitely a wierdo ;) Good post @donna-metcalfe

A friend said I should cut my hair like Judi and I'd look just like her. I tried on that wig to show her it was a bad idea!

Hey, weirdo - as we'd say in grade school - takes one to know one! :-D

Very true!

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So true ....

There are so many different walks in life. Each of us is weird in our own way.