@donnaincancun is Celebrating 1yr on STEEMIT!!!! 🥂 🍾

in #life3 years ago

I made it!!!!! I have been here on the Steemit platform for over a year and I didnt even realise! June 10th was actually my anniversary here.


In light of the anniversary of my first year giving to this community I thought i’d like to take a moments reflection. I remember writing a post to celebrate my first 1000 followers not too long ago and before I finished and posted it my battery died and the post was deleted. I didnt get around to writing it again 😢🙈 so im really hoping that doesnt happen to this post! 😆

Steemit has had its ...

Oh the irony.... so when I was typing this post was when my ipad broke! 😂 😭 and on that note this post is just going to left unfinished! All these weeks later here it is! Lol


Happy anniversary donna! thanks for everything that you do for this community !<3