Essential life skills #1: Building support systems

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Ups and downs are a part of life and when things aren't going well or when tragedy strikes, we need encouragement, we need people who understand us, we need people who can be depended upon, we need SUPPORT.



Yeah, we can try to be tough and face this moments all alone, but it would be wiser to gain wisdom, experience and insight from friends, family or colleagues who have been in these tough situations before and learned what it takes to prevail.

A support system according to is defined as a network of people who provide an Individual with practical and/or emotional support. Hence friends, family or colleagues that offer their understanding, encouragement and support to you are your SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Support systems comprises of people who really care about you no matter what choices you have made in life. It is valuable for any person to find the right support system in his/her life and this brings us to "Building a support system"

.... Building a support system

In anticipation of life's down moments or points of great difficulty, we should have a support system in place to help us through some/most of these rough spots. The following are some helpful tips we should consider when building our support systems:

  • Review your current family and friends and evaluate who may be helpful: It is very important to note that you are better off without some people in your life no matter how much you love them, or how good they make you feel around them whenever they are around you. Ensure you surround yourself with people that appreciate you, love you, understand you and are tolerant of your shortcomings. Get rid of friends who constantly judge and criticize you.

  • Always maintain a positive vibe: positive vibes attract positive people. Make conscious effort to observe, notice and emphasize the positive part of people and things, so as to attract positive people and things into your life.

  • Get involved in groups that have common interests, goals and causes as you and make a conscious effort to show interest and care to the people you meet via this groups.

  • keep in touch with people Important to you using any means available to you, as if you don't do so, they might forget about you and/or move on to build relationships with other people.

  • Endeavor to give help as often as you can and also learn to welcome help from others even if you might not need it as it would encourage people to do more for you because they feel appreciated.

...... In conclusion

Taking time to Build good support systems is a worthwhile investment. It dosen't really matter if you are the receiving end or you are the one giving support, you would reap rewards anyway.

Thank you for reading!


Support systems are needed, sometimes in my low moments, needing someone to talk to, I find it really difficult to get someone, probably because I've been too busy to keep in touch or I feel they have their issues and I wouldn't want to be an extra burden.

You have raised valid points, I'll work with them.

Well thought out and well said.

Great content

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