3 ways to relax, if the holidays are still far

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About how to survive work days, if for some reason you can not take a vacation.

1. Change the situation

A lot of psychological experiments and studies confirmed Want to Kick a Bad Habit? Change Your Scenery. , that a change in the environment positively affects our mood and productivity.

If the situation in the workplace began to irritate you, then it's time to change something. Otherwise, the work will cause more and more negative emotions.

It is not necessary to make cardinal changes. You can simply change the screensaver on the desktop, hang a picture, put on the table an expensive photo of the heart, a pot with a houseplant, a fun toy or a souvenir. If possible, move the table to another location or work in another room.

2. Change the daily routine

We are often afraid of changes and do not dare to do something unusual. However, this behavior can have negative consequences. We cling to the established order, even if they do not bring benefits.

Neuroscientists have proved Desperately Seeking Sensation: Fear, Reward, and the Human Need for Novelty. that the human brain always needs something new.

Even the smallest changes in the working schedule will bring a variety and novelty and increase your concentration.

This method also develops creative thinking. Rejecting the usual work schedule increases Neuroplasticity: You Can Teach An Old Brain New Tricks. neuroplasticity of the brain - the ability to form new neural connections.

Bring evening workouts in the hall for the morning before going to work, dine elsewhere or find new methods for performing standard tasks.

3. Turn off your smartphone

This advice may sound unrealistic, because without a phone these days, nowhere. However, the time spent on the Internet can be much more interesting and productive.

It is not necessary to check the email and respond to working letters during a get-together with friends or family. Of course, you do not need to fade away and avoid calls during off hours. Just do not let the devices take up much of your time and energy.

Maybe in the near future, you do not expect a full vacation, but you can try to get distracted from working problems and not take them to heart.

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