🌎How not to panic and stop being afraid of the end of the world 💀🔥

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Fear of the end of the world haunts people for hundreds of years. In this state it is especially important to take care of yourself, as well as avoid mass hysteria.

When you are overwhelmed with anxiety, psychologists advise first of all to ask yourself:

  • If the event happens in the future, how will fear and anxiety help you now?
  • What evidence is there that the catastrophe will really happen?
  • What is the difference between vigilance, fear and anxiety? Which of these would you prefer?
  • What kind of information is available and how much can you trust the source of this information?

How to overcome fear in the long run

1. Understand why this fear affects you so much

Fear of the end of the world and the stress caused by it so inflate, because you are obsessed with something that can not be influenced. You are not heading a nuclear weapons program and you can not stop a flying asteroid. Simply, you are afraid of the unknown, and this is quite natural. Try to let go of this obsession with what you can not control.

2. Take some measures

If you are depressed by the current political situation, it may be easier for you if you become a participant in a political or social movement. Find the one you agree with, and start attending local events or participating in discussions.

So, of course, you will not save the world from destruction, but focus on what is in your hands. You will be able to calm down, knowing that you have made an effort to change the situation for the better.

3. Distraction

If you do not want to become politically active, try to take your mind off troubling thoughts and do what is satisfying.

Go out of town and stay in nature, spend more time with friends or family and stop every five minutes reading the news. Also arrange with relatives not to discuss the end of the world.

4. Remember that you are not alone.

Do not be afraid to ask for help and comfort. Seek support from those who are sympathetic to you.

And do not forget that the entire situation has a positive side. Increased attention to the problem not only causes fear, but also helps to prepare for it and prevent it in advance.

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