How To - Repair Your Self Propelled Lawn Mower!

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Easy fix time!

Have a self propelled mower that doesn't work? I bought this a few days ago because it didn't run. After getting it running, I discovered the self propelled mechanism wasn't functioning correctly. After pulling on the handle nothing was spinning, which was odd. I pulled off the plastic cover over the drive parts. Here's the finding, and how I fixed it.

As I mentioned, I removed the plastic drive cover to begin with. I found the belt was chewed up pretty good, and jammed under the pulley on the engine. Basically a pulley under the engine spins with the engine and a belt connects it to the drive gears which spins the front wheels.


I just cut the belt off to save a little time and pulled it out, then compared to the new belt I bought from a local parts store.

Afterwards I removed the plastic cover under the deck to expose the pulley.

Next I slipped the belt up and over the blade, then put it around the pulley and pulled it through the hole in the deck.


After reinstalling the plastic cover on the bottom of the deck, I bent the metal tabs on each side of the pulley back just enough to slip the belt on the pulley, then bent them back in place.

Lastly, I put the plastic cover back over the drive components and fired it up. The wheels move again! This is a super easy fix and easily diagnosed by inspecting your belt if the self propel does not work.

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Oh that looks super easy! 😂😂😂😂