Super-Rich Jet Off To Disaster Bunkers

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World lockdowns are going to impact the US/world economy, we are headed for the Greatest Great Depression and that alone will restrict many freedoms. Yes, we are for Degrowth but shutting down businesses so aggressively is not only counterproductive to the strategy of degrowing the economy but will haunt a vast majority for having listened to the orders from above and trusting the hype when the train comes to a screeching halt.

We never can accept to sacrifice our individual freedoms for the Whole, because that is how we end up losing everything. Look at all these wars waged for peace... the world is even more dangerous today. Same axiom. Freedom starts with creating a coercion-free environment, a fully transparent system, and people having birthrights (access to shelter and food and clothing). Competition is the ingredient that nullifies all these aspects.

Although we tried to make our 2 latest blogs sound a little bit more optimistic, and rightfully so since every crisis is also an opportunity, anybody still believing that we need politicians (a top-down) has to understand that genuine lawmakers should have helped people to boost their immune systems instead and only recommend people over 65-70 to stay at home.

It is mindboggling to us however that articles like these below still provoke sensationalism somehow, and which rather induced by an admiration for the wealthy that goes inherently along with self-loathing. That is what happens when values adhere to materialist consensuses determining our net worth based on how much we own and banking account.

We just choose these headlines to rant about inequality, the root cause of everything and thought the latter would help foster the necessary attention to a problem that is so ancient. Accepting the concept of a hierarchy is why we got it all wrong about societal structures and now that the entire planet is utterly broke, the only exit that is left is which of "self-governance" dictated by the axioms of Freedom as cited above.

Let's remain very realistic here: this is the final stage of an economic controlled demolition that we are seeing


The $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package is more than double the size of Obama's stimulus plan - but it may only salvage the economy for a few months (march 28 2020)

Super-rich jet off to disaster bunkers amid coronavirus outbreak (march 11 2020)
‘Self isolate’ for some of world’s richest means Covid-19 tests abroad, personal medics and subterranean hideouts

A cinema, a pool, a bar: inside the post-apocalyptic underground future (2019)
A missile silo converted into a 15-storey luxury subterranean apartment complex could be a taste of what lies in store in cities around the world

Silicon Valley super-rich head south to escape from a global apocalypse (2017)


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