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RE: Steemit INTERVIEW: @exyle talks crypto, Steem, blockchain, blogging [dTube]re

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Interesting interview @daviparkman. There were main subjects mentioned. I want to comment about the price of SBD.

I think that the reason why it is trading over $1 (except Tether's evidence), people started exchanging it through the Steem blockchain. Instead of cashing out what it was mainly made of, we started to use it as rewards in many different contests, paying for voting bots etc. SBD became more usable currency on the blockchain than Steem is (probably, because of its "stability"). That's why it increased demand for SBD and more of us buy it even if the price goes up but cashing out makes it lower.

So, probably when Smart Media Tokens come to the platform, demand for SBD will go down to $1. Let's see the game.

Thanks for the interview again.