Hidden Secrets to Ageing Better

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How many lovely photographs of older celebrities who look stunning have we seen lately? Joan Collins, Sharon Stone, or even Her Majesty the Queen are all superb examples of high-profile female celebrities who appear remarkable whilst being busy and persevering with achieving greater things in later life.

Male celebrities as well are also out pushing boundaries, even as there are frequent news of older people having adventurous lives. A lot of them are reading, working, travelling and treating later existence as possibility to change course and revel in a super time.

Whilst we may not be privy to the financial clout or life-style choices of rich celebrities or have the genetic benefit of desirable appearance and bone structure, there are nonetheless approaches which can help improve our quality of life and enjoy growing old nicely.


Hair-style can date us. it's always an easy option to check-in with the same stylist each time; in spite of everything, they recognise us so properly, won't make any regrettable mistakes and are convenient. But occasionally visiting another stylist can result in them seeing us in an extraordinary manner and suggesting a change in style or colour, giving our image an entire overhaul. it is no terrible idea to often be seen through a fresh pair of eyes.

Specialists advice for ladies includes; Avoiding wearing hair for too long or adopting sharp strains, consequently supporting a softer appearance. For men, maintaining a clever, smarter, fashionable grooming helps you look more youthful and feel better about yourself.

Regular Exercise

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This is vital at any age. Whilst we may not aim to be as energetic as we have been when young, workout in later years is almost more vital. Stay alert to the risks of adopting a sedentary lifestyle and consider a regular brisk thirty-minute walk as a treasured way to get some clean air. It costs nothing and could as well tie in with spending pleasant time with your companion, family or pals, chatting about your days.

There are Pilates or yoga available to practice , you can as well incorporate a few exercise and stretching into your domestic routine or consider a personal trainer.

Healthy diet

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Eating healthily helps manage the ageing process. it is advisable to avoid processed foods, sugar and excess alcohol. Drinking lots of water and eating lots of fresh green vegetables, fruit and whole-grains. These are methods to invest in better internal and external health, thereby assisting you to age properly.

Dress sense

Your dress style reflects your age. Staying up-to-date with the trendy models and latest fashions allows you to be fashionable, smart and attractive without adopting any excessive style trends. Many older ladies prefer to cover their hands and neck areas. The artful use of scarves and accessories(such as watches,bangles....) can help achieve this at the same time as imparting an elegant, extraordinary appearance.

At the same time, older guys may gradually move away from daily uniforms or business suits and dress more casually. Exhibit the habit of wearing a smart-informal look, comfortable but not scruffy.

Youthful mindset

Having a younger mindset is a way letting go of proscribing beliefs, being realistic but not pronouncing 'no' or 'I can not' too often. Learn to cope with any obstacles in your existence. Pace yourself, but also look forward with enthusiasm to opportunities that come along the way. Bear in mind, if you choose to say 'I can' or 'I can't' - both manner you are correct. Outlook and perspective is the important thing. Have a 'sure, why not' mentality and remember this is your time to try new stuff.

future plans

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Our future plans have to be motivational, whilst not being too daunting or stressful. choose to leave your comfort zone from time to time and keep life thrilling and interesting. it's better to stretch yourself a bit. You can take a course just for fun, do a little consultancy work, start a small business from home or accept a part-time job, start-up a voluntary service/institution.

The secret to ageing well is to enjoy life in your terms. Take care of your health and place your focus on living a positive life!


Excellent advice I would bring the years with dignity. Do not be ashamed of wrinkles.

Wrinkles give a very mature look..

That's right. LOL