Why You Must Love Life

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Our aspirations in life is what makes us love life even when it is unpleasant. Time is what life is composed of. Do not limit your time on worthless endeavours. Life teaches us lessons in funny ways. There is always a whole lot to do out there. I don't feel bitter of my wrong decisions in the past because life still offers opportunities to correct the wrongs. I have learnt a lot and I have absolutely no regrets.

I love life. In my existence, never will I think of committing suicide because of what I've been through. Life is a lot more fantastic. There might be ups and downs, but what's most important is to seize opportunities to mould your life better than before. There's so much to learn. Everyday of your life is a new experience; a whole new lesson to learn.

No matter how solitary other peoples life appears to be, the fact is - life gets easier and acceptable if you get engaged in something you love. Whatever makes you unhappy today, will make you cheerful later on in life. Dedicate your time to those who love you unconditionally, not to those who only love you because you have what they want or the actuality you are still useful to them.

It's normal we always want to hold-on tight to those we love; but if we intend to keep them, we have to let go every now and then. Life is never perfect, but life is always beautiful. Learn to choose to see the beauty from Life. Choose to make it wonderful. Choose to love life and it will love you back in return. We may only have one life to live, but if we do it right once, I think it's enough.

I've realised that if we all love life, life will love us back in return. It's simply how we deal and manage our life no matter the difficulties faced. Have it in mind that you are still able to find reasons to live life to the fullest. Never get worried of failures in as much you try and persevere to overcome them.

The reason people find it difficult to be happy with life is that they always view the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it may become. If you have learnt from your past, there is absolutely no reason to be full of regrets. Life must continue.

Remember, life is 1% of what happens to us and 99% on how we react to it.

Even if you don't get your deserved credits, Never mind!. Regardless of what others may think, just be faithful to yourself and be happy with life. Your character is actually what you are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.


Life is very beautiful. I have to love myself. Whenever I love, I can love many things of life.There is a lot of things in the world and learning.We live in such a beautiful world where people can fulfill their wishes.

I agree with you.. Well said

The day I saw how beautiful life is, is the day I started loving myself and embrace what life throws at me cause I know it's not the end of life. for every night there is always a morning to be hopeful of and to thrive.

That's nice. Enjoy life my friend

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Totalmente cierto... vivimos pensando en ayer en mañana y olvidamos vivir hoy!✴

Es verdad mi amigo ... Gracias por su tiempo.

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