Float and Melt on Earth.

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Float and Melt on Earth.

Floating is simply letting things go. If your attachment to the body and brain seems a little loose at the best of times, this is not right for you, but if it tends to be rigid, hyper-controlled, tense, or emotionally repressed, this technique can help.


Lie down and let go of muscles, body, bones, thoughts and feelings. Do nothing. Every time you realize something, reject it from the mind and body when you breathe out. This is not a relaxation technique or a meditation exercise, but discipline, something like an exercise of the mental and spiritual muscles, which become totally flexible, limitless, gently awake and attentive.

It is not always easy to plunge quickly and deeply into that state. Some people find it easier if they first do a meditation or relaxation exercise, although it is not, at all, the same, it is as a complement in no case a substitute for meditation and relaxation techniques. This is a related technique, which could be called melting.

Lie on the ground and melt with it, feeling that it is a part of the earth. Do not strive to achieve it, let it happen.

This is a relaxation, a kind of abandonment. It differs from floating in that to melt is to unite, to form a unity with something, something big and serene, while floating is more like being nothing.


All those things, to float, to melt, to meditate, produce some similar sensations, serenity and deep peace, plenitude of energy, to eliminate completely the tiredness. This, of course, along with the obvious effects of reducing physiological stress, react with more balance to the circumstances of life. However, each of these techniques has different results.

Meditation increases the capacity for self-healing, concentration, or mental abilities. It is basically an energetic mental activity that, logically, affects the whole being.

It is difficult to define the incidence that melting has on us. When we do it and we really submerge ourselves in the earth, we feel pampered, nourished and reinforced. We feel like we are connected to something very big, powerful and full of love. Our response is essentially emotional, with physical and mental side effects.

The effect of floating is even more difficult to define. It produces a basically spiritual emotional reaction, a sense of enlightenment and a pervasive, floating joy. Sometimes people have the impression that they have taken off a weight, which they did not know they were carrying, on some deep and unconscious level. It seems to facilitate transformation.


Some of us have a hard time relaxing because we have to let go, free borders and have confidence, and for many, it is the most difficult thing. Being uprooted and off-centre causes many fears and insecurities and we have to learn to consider it positively.

Many old maps had marked places with comments such as, here are dragons, or, in this place live monsters. Cartographers, like most people, are suspicious of the unknown and populate it with illusory monsters. Most spiritual currents assume that most people sleepwalk through life, half aware or even less of what really happens in the world and in them, we live in a world of dreams, which sometimes become a nightmare that drags us at a gallop. Much of what we perceive as reality is, in fact, our fantasies and projections, our mirages and illusions.

Modern psychological thought broadly coincides with this vision. Our plain with mental reflections reflects the external world from our point of view, attitudes, beliefs, fears, desires, and everything that we see in that plain, to a greater or lesser extent, we color and profile ourselves.

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Greetings @edgarare1 your post I remember much to a colleague of the university, which always comments more or less what you relate in your post.

Personally about this I think that, if this can help us bring things a little quieter, a more serene pace of life, something necessary these days, but as you say is something difficult for many people to reach such a state, I consider myself one of them, I am not generally calm, although physically this calm looking at the horizon I can easily be thinking of several things at the same time, of course not all the time. When something calls my attention and incites me to relax I try (whenever I propose).

Thank you for reading my comment, have a good day, evening or night.✌️
Pd: beautiful images, transmit some calm

It's about discipline.

Sometimes I feel like others are trying to fight me for no reason. My strategy is not to pay attention to the situation. I often wonder if that will be healthy for me.

Saw the images and thought this would be about space tech. :) nice surprise. BTW, once a week, I hit the ocean and float out amidst the waves.

In these violent and hurried times, it is convenient to have a technique that will slow you down. If not, we would suffer from blood pressure, stress, etc, or a may a nervous breakdown...

Taking time to reflect is very important, but it is essential to know how to slow down and this is a good way.

I will practice that :D

Thanks for sharing!