Everything is at Stake

in #life4 years ago

Life at Stake...

*Photocredit : https://www.geeflix.com

Life is never fun and enjoying always
It has always its flaws
Trials are always there
Struggles are everywhere

The most important part
Is to acknowledge them
Wholeheartedly and accept
That things aren't done
With the way we wanted it

Live has so much to offer
But has so much to deal with too
We are bound to make things
and we are bound to do things

Life is never short
It is a never ending process
People do things for the better
They strive for success

They find time to do things on their own
And that it satisfied their cravings
Life is always fun
Enjoy it and have it tour you :)


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Life is funny, full of surprises. Thanks for sharing

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