Living Life at Its Best

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Living Life the Way We Can

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Life's feeling is a matter of choice of people
It is in their state of feeling over something
It maybe a mess to someone but joy to another
Life is different at has different spice

Each one has trials, everyone has trials
Everyone has their successes too
Some had heartbreaks, some had achievements
Some share their lucky stories and how fortunate they are

Some complain about life because it's unbalanced
They complain because they have no chance
To lift up to the economy because of their state
They're helpless and couldn't anything about it

Life is full of mystery and has never been solved by mere human
Nature, Oceans and everything has undiscovered
Though a lot of efforts have been pushed
They're things in life cannot be explored by human

Are you Satisfied with your Life Too?


With my life... I am happy but not to happy. If you asked me about steemit nah I am sad to the fact that I earn near 0 every day.

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