The World Needs Loving People

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The World Needs Loving People

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The world is full of flesh
Earthly living and full of sin
A lot has suffered to suffrage
A lot has been pained because of unfairness

The world has been cruel
To the poor and to the needy
Rich people don't care about them
They put up fake charities to save some

They even kill who threatens them
Anyone who blocks their way towards success
Let's face it, this is the world
This is the unearthly world we are living

The World Needs Loving People
The people who are sheeps from a shepherd
We need their tender loving care
With the hope of saving some

Saving some who needs to be saved
Saving some who are pure and true
The World needs to be enlightened
That the important thing is Love

Are you one of the Loving People?


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yes,i try to make me a loving people,i don't judge myself.but i love our people.

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