The Ignorance

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The Ignorance


Many definitions agree that Ignorance is the lack of knowledge in particular or culture in general. The person who ignores something does not know it or does not understand it.
This subject has been treated since the time of the great Greek thinkers, such as Sócrates, Aristótle, Platón, etc.


They say that when they asked the oracle of Delphi if there was a man wiser than Socrates, he said that there was not a man wiser than Socrates. Socrates to know it was very surprised because he believed that he knew nothing and devoted his life to dialogue with those men, politicians, poets, sophists (masters) and others who all considered as wise, he said he did to learn the wisdom of These men and ended up showing their ignorance and leaving evidence that they were not as wise as everyone believed. After speaking with many of these men Socrates, being aware of his own ignorance, and was what the oracle recognized, reflects on the possibility of his wisdom, and that he and others did not really know anything, since the true knowing was reserved for God.

That was the real achievement of Socrates, to recognize that he was an ignorant and that he was far from being a wise man, that is where his most famous phrase is known, "I only know that I do not know anything", it gave him an attitude of life that we should all have . The attitude that is too much we ignore so we must continue learning every day. If one considers that he has conquered wisdom and is, therefore, a wise person, then there is no need to learn more things. (

The Community of Steemit provides us with an unlimited number of learning options and ONLY depends on Us its good use, let us use them properly to get the most out of all your senses


Muy buena reflexion, y me parecio interesante de donde habia surgido la frase celebre de Socrates. Definitvamente cuando reconocemos los ignorantes que somos en tantas cosas, nuestra curiosidad se nos despierta y nos hace avanzar. Gracias por compartir.

Graicas a ti por tus comentarios, en estos momentos estoy documentando dos parte adicioneles a esta publicación que se refleja en dos epócas diferentes.

The perfect information man :)

Thank you for your comments.

Greetings from Venezuela

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