A Wolf in Electoral Reform, Medicare For Some & Healthcare’s Front Lines

in #life3 years ago

IN HEADLINES: Energy Transfer Partners chokes on a $900 million attempt to silence dissent. And the people of Queens beat the richest man in the world. Not bad!
What is bad is how HR1 tucks in Orwellian legislation into an otherwise astonishingly progressive bill. Meanwhile, the House's vote on the Yemen resolution includes a gaping loophole big enough for our entire military to fit through. Finally, Dems are busy meeting with health insurance big wigs, assuring them that the people's health will never trump corporate profits.

OUR INTERVIEW this week: Remote Area Medical shows us what healthcare looks like on the front lines - for the most marginalized. Treating hundreds of thousands of people for free, they see first hand what it looks like when people have no choice but to forego medical treatment for years, sometimes decades - in the richest country in the world.