⏺ There's only one direction.. All the way up!! Part 1

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Never take life for granted, as you never know what's around the next corner.

I know I usually just say it, but I want you to read every word of this article.

Oh yeah!! I am feeling so motivated right now!! You want to know why? Because I am alive, and I have been given the gift of life. I am feeling so grateful right now for being given this wonderful opportunity.

The opportunity to be able to utilize the potential within me. It's a fantastic feeling! I want you guys to feel this feeling. You know what? No one person is better than another! We all have this potential. We all have talents. Above all, we are all breathing right now, and if you are breathing, and living, then you need to give your life a shot!

I get asked, quite often, why I enjoy working so hard. It's currently 4am, and most of you will have something to say about that.. But you see, when you are in the situation I am in, you will have my approach too. I don't care about the time. I feel more alive than ever right now!

I get judged a lot lately. Judged that I am spending too much time working, and missing out on sleep, etc. The truth is, to be completely blunt, I don't give a shit. The way I see it, it is a privilege to be able to have the skills and talents to be able to make one's self remarkable. What I am saying is, life does not owe you anything. I see so many people strolling through life like they are going to be here for eternity.. Like this world owes them the pleasure of life.

No. I call that being ungrateful. If you are not here to do your best, then you are completely taking your opportunity of life for granted. So for all of you wondering why I like to live a hustle and grind.. Here's you answer. I am doing it out of gratitude. I will not sleep until I feel worthy of my opportunity. I feel over-privileged been given a brain with all this capacity.. Yet only being able to use such a tiny part of what it is capable of.

You might be wondering what this entire article so far, has to do with the title?

I was building up to this point. You see, there are always going to be drawbacks and challenges. The tough times WILL come your way. So just accept that. But above all of that, there is absolutely no other way to proceed with all of this, other than going all the way up. Try, fail, try again, succeed! That is the worst case scenario plan. It only gets better from there.

This is it. Stop being average to yourself! Start proving to life that you are deserving of the things you have been given! Stop having so much god-damn beauty sleep, and get on your grind. Start doing things better. Even if you feel great about your progress, push HARDER!

We come into this world, getting raised that we are born to grow old, pass on our genetics, and die. What bullshit is that?! Get that thought out of your head. That's a thought for the average. Not acceptable. You need to create a legacy. Now go and create yours.


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I reward good resteems and comments! I would love to know what's on your mind. Be bold and talk to me in my comments section! I would to know your opinion and what it is you'd like to achieve. I am trying my best to make 2 high quality blog posts per day. So stay tuned!


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So good to see your daily hustle to proof to myself that I have to keep on pushing, as much as I am able to. I do feel like a pirate hunting for treasure and each day is another battle and another celebration. I also was up very late but I feel great...


Hey my man! Rep 65!! Beast ;)

Yeah.. You officially have no excuses. It's impossible for you to slack or slow down, because I will make sure you are on track!! Never slowing down, we will reach the top :)

I do feel like a pirate hunting for treasure and each day is another battle and another celebration.

Oh amen to that! So accurate and true.

Oooh nice, you were the first to recognize it - even before me. ;)

Has been some really good days so far. All-time high for me!

You sir are killing it keep it up @flauwy

Great post. I absolutely loved it. After all that you have said i to feel more alive than ever. We are all brought into this world to do something special and i believe the special thing about you is steemit and i really loved all of your posts but this one is my favorite above all. I also love your animation pictures, they are so awesome, and again well done on reaching 2400 followers in a short time of 95 days bro. Stay awesome brother.

a very beautiful post. would you teach me how to edit a photo like the photo in your post it?

Follow me @tantawi


Thank you so much :) I am glad you like it.

I don't exactly do graphics design lessons here LOL :D YouTube is a great site :)

You sleep when you are dead LOL

A lot of people complains that they work too hard and got no time to enjoy themselves. They work so hard and they are miserable.

My question to those people is why do you go to work where you are miserable? Maybe its time for you to have a career change. Go and get something that you are happy with.

I myself admit that I work too hard and long hours. After my normal work, I get on to my other work at home which is steemit of course and my other websites and blogs. Those don't give me much money but because I enjoy doing it, I get satisfaction even if I work so hard and long hours with it.

Pick a career or job that you are happy with and I assure you no matter how hard the work is and how long the work hours are you still have a smile on your face, SATISFACTION.

thanks for sharing

My pleasure :) Thanks for thanking!

I'm coming along for the ride, all the way up!

Hell yeah my man let's go!! All the way up :)

Thats one thing ive been working more at is getting up earlier to start the day off kicking some butt and getting things done. Its a struggle but when I do its always worth it.

Oh totally agreed!! It's the best waking up early.

For me it's the opposite LOL. I haven't yet, and it's my wake up time haha. I need to actually change it up to get up rather super early. Only problem is actually falling asleep earlier too :)

Nice comment my man! Hope you are doing great!

@enazwahsdarb Thank You for telling people to read every word of this posting. I am very much in that mode to push a little harder lately. I have kicked back for far to long. I am Grateful for people like you and @jerrybanfield. You guys show me the way here on STEEMIT. When you engage with others in your comment section it shows you care about others and you are a REAL Person..............Keep the Hustle going.

Aweome post and very well said enaz, as I read somewhere sometime ago. "Quiet seas don't make good sailors" embrace the challenge and keep moving forward, that's the best way to live.

Love it man! Yes :)

Nicely said. I like that quote by the way! Stay awesome.

always inspiring articles thank you my friend:) the time is now! no other ;)

Thank you for your kind words my man! I appreciate that.

The time sure is now. Let's take it to the moon.

Love is, above all else, the gift of oneself. Have a nice day :)

Amen to that!! Thank you :)

Same to you! Let's utilize our gifts.

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WOW this is such a cool feature :D I love this!

Thank you for that :)

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Thank you for that :) Good to see the comments again!

Like the lyrics of the popular song (All The Way Up) "nothing can stop me, i'm all the way up". No hurdle can stop us from reaching the top, we are all talented in our own way. To be successful you have to break the norm and do things that will make you different from others. Thanks @enazwahsdarb for this wonderful post, it gives us a reason to think of our actions and take life seriously.

Nice to meet you @steemthat. Thank you for sharing and wishing you much success on this platform. Kindest Thoughts,

Thank you very much :)

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Thank you very much :)

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Down here in Nigeria. The momentum is pretty at it's lowest ebb. Today is Sunday, but that alone is not enough motivation to carry on. I really don't read motivational books and stuff, but this morning, your words just made to reach a peak. By starting first with stories about you, you told me, to f**k it bro. If I can do I do it, so can you.

We come into this world, getting raised
that we are born to grow old, pass on our
genetics, and die. What bullshit is that?! Get
that thought out of your head. That's a thought for the average. Not acceptable. You need to create a legacy. Now go and create yours.

Words on Marble

That's one more cool post. Thanks.

Thank you very much for that! Appreciated :)

nice one man ;) lately I kick my own ass in the gym and live in the moment. I have a girlfriend, but she doesn't give a fuck about me, so I take all my energy and invest it in .....guess....I invest it in MYSELF! because only if you are happy with yourself then other people get inspired ..right? ;)

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Yes I really like his work, thanks @steemthat

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Great post...once again! You hard work and perseverance is obvious. Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration. here's always something to learn from your posting, and we are all here to make it to the top! Best wishes, @splendorhub
@splendorhub logo.png

dammit !! why your posts are so beautiful !! mean i fancy your writing but ! your presentation man.........its something else . maybe you can help a brother out and tell me where do you get all these text pictures made !!

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I am very bad with comments lately - just read, vote and scroll on - just want to let you know, still enjoy and voting for every post you do - keep up the great work, you have a wonderful outlook on life and a gift with words.

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Thank you so much :)

your post are always so full of your drive and motivation and quite inspiring
I used to get very little sleep compared to most people on average 4 hours or less a night there was just to much to be doing to waste to much time sleeping and I honestly didnt need more than 4 hours

now age is catching up with me I I average 4 to 6 hours sleep a night

my most active time to get more done is early morning when its quiet and not many people are around

thanks for another great post

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Keep it up!
All the best!

Looking forward to more post. Thanks!
upvoted and resteemed

Love your enthusiasm, man!!!!!

Thank you so much! I appreciate that :)

Now let's go!!!!

Let's GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Get amped. Get pumped. Go to my previous post, my PPT (Post Promotion Thread) if you haven't yet. You may put your links there :)

It's good to know you are working hard. Everyone should, trying to make most of your talents. And I personally you are best talent out here and it will be a tragedy if you don't put that to use. At same time "sleep" is also important,essential,every natural thing is important, holidays are also important part of life, enjoyment at times though is also important. Regular exercise is also important in life. Finding time for family, is also very important. People asking you to have proper sleep are not jealous of you, they simply care about you. Remain healthy and keep working hard.

As always a great post and such true words. We all are put on this earth for a reason and if you found that reason hard work is not a burden but a great way to get to your destination 😆
I love your way to express, and are such an inspiration, always has been 😊
ManKing you know it. Ohh btw all the way up reminded me of my castle remember? 😁😁lol

So glad this newbie stumbled upon your awesome post! Thomas Edison said 'If we did all we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves', and I do believe that to be true! We all have God given talents and should use it, not waste it, like you say, very inspiring post!

Experience is the best proof and you try many things
Well done you should try everything until you reach the dream and reach the impossible

Sending you a little Steemit love 😘😘

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