California CPS Repeated Failures Result In 3-Year-Old's Death By Methamphetamine Overdose In Drugged Filled Foster Home

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California, The Poster-child of Government Inefficiency

After being associated with this state for most of my life, including working within it's bloated, over-reaching government, that is me summing them up kindly.

California Child Protection Agency (CPS) has utterly failed again and again resulting in another child's death, with investigators (as well as myself) trying to figure out just how this was allowed to happen. What logic was used? Or was there just no care? Here are the facts:

  • 3-year-old Mariah and her brother were taken from their biological mother due to the mother being a drug user and the little girl being "physically/sexually abused". Efforts have been mad to obtain records on her case justifying her being taken from her mother, which state law specifically states that cases involving the death of a child due to abuse or neglect that records be made public, however CPS makes their own laws and refuses to release these records.

    I wonder why?

  • Triad Family Services, a placement agency, placed her and her sibling with a home in Hayward the next day. The foster parent, a Maria Moore, has been taking in children for profit for 17 years.

Talk about a quick turn around! Taking these abused children from a drugged mother whom have been physically and sexually bused, and putting them into a home with 4 other children (2 biological and two older foster)

  • The foster parent, Maria Moore had six incidents in regards to her home ,and two allegations of general neglect were alleged and sustained on her operation, Further, Moore has admitted to "coaching" the children to lie in investigations and sharing the medication among minors in her care.

That is definitely a home I feel is completely suitible to just throw more kids in. Don't you?

  • In an interview on Moore, in which says that she now regrets taking the children in, only wanted Mariah due to her having special needs because she would get more compensation.

Sounds a lot like my personal foster home experiences, get the most damaged, keep the drugged up, make more money

  • After three days of being in their foster home, Mariah whom was shy became hyper, extremely talkative and began to speak to herself. As the day went on, she spoke about her seeing monkeys and bunnies in the park. He heart was racing, she was sweating and shaking. So like any good parent would do, Moore waited until about 9 pm to bring her to the hospital (a few miles down the street) after seeing Mariah having these issues all day. Urine tested positive for methamphetamine.

  • CPS became involved and spoke with the nurse on the case, which told CPS that he was informed the drug abuse happened before Mariah arrived at the home. That the biological mother used crack cocaine either in utero or in the home.

Now I'm not sure how familiar any of you are on drugs, but crack cocaine does not show up as meth in urine tests. Additionally, meth ingestion does not take 3 days to take effect.

  • No charges where filed and Mariah returned back to her outstanding foster home. Matter of fact, just recently the medical report came out stating that medical personnel "determined the child was suffering from exposure to methamphetamine for the house prior to Ms. Moore. This is contrary to the investigation on the case, and the best witness, her own brother, states on record that Mariah never acted like this prior to the Moore home.

Sounds like someone is trying to cover their ass a bit

  • Less than 2 weeks after the event, another episode happened in which the same issues occurred. This time spiders were all over her body, and Moore decided to leave her with her boyfriend Stevens to take another child on a routine doctors appointment. Stevens brought the girl next door to his parents and left. Telling his parents they were withdrawal symptoms. Mariah continued to deteriorate with her stomach shaking violently and not making sense verbally. Upon his return, Stevens laid her down. Mariah never woke up. Moore called 911 when she returned home to find the child cold and unresponsive. When paramedics arrived it was announced, and upon their departure Stevens handed them a white rock he said to be meth he found on her toy-box. When questioned on why he didn't call 911 earlier, Stevens replied "I'm not the foster parent" Blood tests show more than 13 mg/L of methamphetamine in her 33 pound body.

Shining example of exactly zero cares for the well-being of the child

All of these signs, all of these red flags and yet nothing was done. A home with issues and clearly with not the right intentions should not have gotten these children. To add insult to injury, Moore stated on record that Stevens was a drug user and there have been issues with the children's medication and drug money for the past eight years of their relationship, yet he was cleared to be with the children and she allowed it.

The fact of this entire case is that it was done with money in mind. The State wanted the child placed, Moore wanted the child because she would make more money from her, Stevens was around because money is good.

Another thing to note, and included in the lawsuit, is that there still remains to be zero evidence of the allegations on the mother to surface yet.

This killed a little girl.

Read more of this story here

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I was a foster child in California.

This is sad man. I did not have a good experience either, but at least I survived.

The California Family Services is awful.

I lived in a group home with 7 foster children and ran away at 14 to start my own life. I hear you man, 100%. It is a broken system, just for money. The home I was in should have never been allowed to have the children.

This is just sick. You would think that the CPS would have better judgment skills both in responding and screening foster care situation. Secondly if folks use the foster care system for a paycheck as many do, they are doing it for the absolute wrong reasons. I know of someone locally here who does it for the money. That pays her bills. What about the character of the person? What about taking children for the love of children? No wonder we have a mess. Bad breeds bad.

Bad breeds bad...

Exactly right. Compensation is fair as they are an added expense, but shildren for profit I am on the fence about.

Especially homes that have 4, 6, 8, or more children.

Oh my god this is horrible.. the poor child.. how how how can they get away with this.. like you said crack cocaine does not turn into meth in a test.. my gosh.. how can they get away with this .. rip little girl

Sorry my friend, this one was too hard for me to read in it's entirety. I have seen way too much of what happens to kids that are raised around meth.

Thanks for your most helpful post and thank you for supporting #family protection. This post has been upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs

Great post @entrepreneur916 I will be following this case with interest

Thank you for supporting my work and the work of all associated with it. What a horrible situation all around.

Family is the most important thing in the world. If you do not have a family, consider that you have nothing. Family - this is the most lasting bond of your life. I liked your post