Male Guardian Sexually Abuses Foster Boy Repeatedly - Does Not Deny Charges

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A former foster parent has been accused with sexually abusing a foster child in his care back in Christmas, 2015. The guardian, Douglas Lee Chubb, 56, is accused of entering the child's room, making the child lay on his stomach and forced the child to participate in sexual acts at least five times.

Details have been submitted into evidence but are too graphic to be released to the public.

The victim reports that he teared "tearing up when he was doing it and was "confused, guilty and didn't know what he did".

When approached Chubbs sighed, put his head down, folded his hands and didn't deny the charges. Chubb is charged with statutory assault of child more than 11-years-old, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, felony corruption of a minor and misdemeanor indecent assault.

Almost all who read this cannot even comprehend the confusion and self-loathing this child has, as well as the lifelong damage this will cause. Being a sexual abuse victim myself when I was 14, if anyone is to question why it took a while for this boy to come forward should be ashamed. It took me months to gather the strength and courage to speak to somebody about my situation, it was the most shameful thing I have ever had to do, and I could barely even get the words out. You feel like utter trash, a feeling I wish nobody would ever have to feel in their lifetime. And especially as a male having to tell another male about what happened.

Let's all hope justice is done to this monster.

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Shocking! But all too common!

I don't know how I would have copped with such trauma, like you say, coming forward must be the hardest part which is why as a society we have to do something and fast!

Having to tell somebody what I went through was the hardest thing I've ever done hands down. Taking my first life with a firearm pales in comparison.

A very sad, but well written post. Keep up the good work and thank you for awesome reading material. Hard to find good content between all the spam these days.

I have no words to express my aversion to this nightmare. I think, it's often too late to find out about such cases, because the victim doesn't talk about it. And this can be understood. A huge gratitude to all, who found the strength to talk about these outrageous cases. Such situations must be prevented at the root!!!

I hope it isn't as common as it's being perceived. Or should i say I have faith we can all raise awareness and help our brothers and sisters of the world to stop and understand soul v/s body and train ourselves to feed the soul first and not the physical. I don't even kno if i'm making sense but a bit disturbed and moved by this story.

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