Fighter on the road!

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I hardly believed my eyes ..Safety is first! :) Please share, vote and enjoy!
Kecskemét,Hungary/Photo: Oneplus 3
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Nice one. I really like it.

Rad shot


Nice photo bro, try playing with enhancing the color and it will be perfect, or if you make it black n white and strengthen the contrast it will be great for B&w contest. Actually when I first saw your post first thing comes to my mind is B&W

Thanks your advices! It was a fast photo from tha car.. :)

Que espectacular avión de combate. Los que conocen el MIG-21 darán sus opiniones mas certeras.

I guess its Russian legend fighter mig-21

Yes, you know it well! There is an airbase in the city and this is a crippled machine from the museum.

interesting aircraft, presto services primarily in the Soviet blocks, the mig-21 called with love "balalaika" for its peculiar form, is still in service in many nations, is the most produced supersonic jet with sixty decades of history

Mikoyan-Gurevich 21 Fishbed.

I love military aircraft and wanted to be a fighter pilot. But bad eyesight kept me from becoming one.

So I just fly flight sims and live my fantasies virtually.

Aviation Lover

Its good to see you that you engage people on one point socially and you enlarge your social circle.
Fighter Plane MIG-21 , history in Aviation, beauty its own. Time is passing to fast, but they engage people. Country proud.
I'm new on steemit and hope you will help me to grow up. I am a travel, tourism, and aviation blogger. In future I will be Start vlogging .

Abdul Baqi Malik

This is badass. where im stationed right now in Okinawa japan there is a bunch! badass, thanks for sharing, definitely following because i love airplanes obviously hahaha

Very good photo. It would be excellent if you put the place and the camera too.

Kecskemét, Hungary/ Oneplus 3

Do you think it could fall down from there onto the road? I mean it doesn't look very safe so maybe...

no, the concrete is strong :)

Little hungarian. :)


It is my gift for you

Thank you my friend! This is a MIG-21! And yours?

Really awesome pic

Hi Anne!
In Kecskemét, Hungary.

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Of course!

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whice place is this

sooo white i love it

great amazing

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Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you'll sleep alone.

real cool! love structures such as this, really give a city character!

Real cool! love structures
Such as this, really give a
City character!

                 - mohanverma

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This one's in belgium

Impressive photo! Enhancing the picture quality next time would really go a long way in attracting the attention of your viewers. Keep it up!