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RE: Building Bridges; How Do We Make Valuable Connections in Life?

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Hi, very nice article.
How about writing some more about how your mindset will hold you back
It really looks like you are into this on how your mindset can change your life. I have had the opportunity to lead a lot of people that are great achievers, but how they think alwasy holds them back at preforming at there best. One little adjustments made them do great things. Look at a child that is insecure compare with a child with confident. The child with confident will almost every time outperform the insecure child. This also goes for adults.

Will follow and read your articles
Best regards
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Thnx for giving me a notice of this post @crypto.piotr


Hi @everydaycoach

It's great to see how supportive and responsive you are

Steemit absolutely need more users like you.

ps. thx for mentioning me. Appreciate it.