My Advice for People with Diabetes (Type 1)

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One of the greatest lessons one has to learn from this condition is to find out everything about Type 1 diabetes, also called "juvenile diabetes". Knowledge is power particularly with this disease. Because people do not know much about it, the usual notion is to consider it as a grave disease. But if you dig deeper, it only becomes dangerous because most of the patients are not well-informed. The lack of information prevents them from taking the necessary precautions.

Acceptance and optimism towards the disease are also important. The sooner a person accepts his condition and takes the steps to address it, the better. Moving on will not deter the patient's condition but even increase his chance of survival.

Discipline is another cardinal rule. Sufficient exercise, close monitoring of blood sugar level and a healthy diet really help in living with diabetes.

Diabetes is a manageable disease. There are no reasons for a patient to get frustrated with it. The right attitude and knowledge is still the best defence against this illness. One should not stop dreaming that one day, the cure for diabetes will be discovered. And people with diabetes have to maintain their positive outlook and continue their advocacy to help other people in coping with this condition.

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I'm sorry, but you are incorrect on having to accept diabetes unless you mean specifically Type I. Type II diabetes was first put into remission in 1931 using a water-only fasting protocol for 2 weeks to reduce insulin in the blood stream thereby increasing sensitivity to it. Today Type II diabetes continues to be cured in several clinics in the US and Canada. Dr. Jason Fung runs one of the more well known clinics. The link below will take you to additional information.

The reason why you will here very little about this cure is that it is free to the patient if a medically supervised fast is not necessary.
For information about the first intentional treatment of type II diabetes using a water-only fasting protocol read Dr. Herbert Shelton's book Fasting and Sunbathing which is free at this link:

See my blog for 4 of six chapters on using fasting for therapy and weight loss. I have not written the last two chapters yet.
Good luck!

Thank you for the upvote, @chuck2u32. You are correct at saying that I meant Type 1 diabetes. I have edited my post to specifically mention Type 1 diabetes so as not to confuse any reader that there is no cure for diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is, in fact, treatable by medical professionals. On the other hand, Type 1 diabetes, though treatment may help, has still no known cure as of today.

Thank you for correcting this. Really appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

I don't know much about this illness, but now I will take care of it. My few friends are suffering from it and I will send them a link to this article. Someones don't care about side effects of it so I'm really grateful for sharing this information with us.

Thanks a lot and waiting for more educational posts. Keep doing :)

Thank you. You can view more information about Diabetes on the link I mentioned in my post.

I took a minute to look up some additional information for you:
Again, this is not new. Type II diabetes has been cured since 1931. The reason you here so little about it is because it is free and easy and works. There is no ongoing doctor visits or drugs purchased.

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