Vlog 201: New record on the STEEM blockchain! 1.9 million transactions in a day + 50.000 new accounts in a week.

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I use Blocktivity a lot to show how efficient the STEEM blockchain is.

I only recently found out they have a Steemit account too @blocktivity.

This week we had an incredible new record on the STEEM blockchain. here.

1.9 million transactions in 1 day with a 0.13% strain on the network.

Compared to the #2 (Ethereum) has 1.4 million transactions in 1 day as a record with 100% strain on the network.

Daily stats report

Almost everyday user @penguinpablo released a STEEM stats report that shows the growth of the STEEM blockchain.

This week we had 50.000 new accounts created!

And on average we make 250.000 posts a day with all active Steemians combined! (from 100.000, 6 months ago)

Incredible numbers and shows growth.

I talk about it more in my vlog

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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it just keep growing and growing, I love this kind of news! and 50 000 in 1 week is superb!

I love reading things like this and the platform is finally bringing diversity across the paltform and the Blockchain itself is growing . I think 2018 , it’s gonna be the BIG year

yes you are right this year for steemit and cryptocurrency:-)

Wow, steemit is growing so fast, I'm glad I'm a part of it. And congrats on the app. Is there an android version?

It's currently being developed.

yes it will beat facebook this year for sure :-)

yes we all are happy and we love steemit❤

If there is something that i am eagerly waiting for then its steemit android app. One good thing is that you can use steemit on android chrome app with out the steemit app.

With more and more blockchain/coins/ICO coming up we can really see the importance of scaling, especially if mass adoption is imminent .

I am very glad to be part of the community (albeit just a really small part) that will no doubt become one of the few successful blockchains that will propagate real-life use case to the masses.

GO Steemit ! Go team @blockbrothers !

super happy to see those stats, i knew the platform was growing but that's much faster than it used to be, we will probably be near 1 million accounts in the next three months, summer time million accounts life! :)

yes we will turn into millions steemian's and we are proud to be a part of steemit :-)

1.9 million transactions in 1 day with a 0.13% strain on the network.

I think we need to all tweet this showing just how amazing the steem blockchain is and are fast it handles transaction with no cost and at a very fast rate as well, without any constrain to the servers

yes you are right transaction time of steemit is much higher than bitcoin and ethereum blockchain

If you want positive news. This is the guy to follow.
Thanks to you, I am still in steemit.
You were the one to encourage to stick around when steem was trading aroung 0.80 cents.
Good Job.
Keep on steemin'

We did 1.9 million operations, not transactions. This is an important point, operations do not all reflect user actions. I'm not yet sure if the transaction record was broken or not yesterday.

Numbers are incredible. I started to invest in the platform and I also belive that STEEM will be a big winner in 2018. Android version anytime soon?

yes it will come this year bloomberg :-)

Excellent statistics, my friend and the fact that so many people are joining us and so many messages are being issued, says only one thing, we are moving to the top of success and recognition of the cryptographic community! Thank you Mark for the great news!

nicee really great efforts are made by you... i like your blogs because all of them are full of information.. <3

Wow STEEM is on a very good run at the moment, and by far the best blockchain currently in existence! 2018 could be huge. What is the name of the SMT telegram group you mentioned?

The interest for SMT's on UpWork is strong for almost every group looking for cryptocoin or ico devs. I found one client looking for a SMT dev thinking they were already released.

Ha, fantastic. I didn't know they had a steemit account. Followed!

They deserve it :). Such a great site.

Epic day for steem block chain this is a major factor that everyone should hop in to it the future is strong and better with everyone : )

Steemit is really increasing in users.
It's a shame your friend lost his account, that reminds me i need to backup mine too!
Keep up with the good work being a witness, thank you for your hardwork!

backing up your masterkey is extremely important. Do it straight away.

Backed up, printed, stored in a usb guarded by velociraptors, do you think it's enough? Should i get the upgrade and go for the T-Rex?

STEEM is using the fastest blockchain technology of the planet Earth :D This is unbelievable and we all should thanks @dan for this brilliant concept of Graphene blockchain technology!


Amazing news! Steemit smashing it! Unbelievable grow, on the way to Facebook size! Thank you @exyle for sharing news daily. You inspired me to create my own Steemit vlog about my fitness transformation towards summer 2018. Will be cool if you could check it out and let me know what you think! Cant wait to catch up again on SteemFest 3!!! PS: Thank you for sharing info about Steemify app, so helpful, I love this app on my phone! Keep it up your amazing blog, it is so inspiring and helpful!

vote have my account yes

Thank you for exellent news

Holy crap, it grows just too fast. Didn't you tell that it was around 1.5 last week?
Yeah, have an amazing weekend too, man))

Good morning @exyle; bringing good news just when the weekend starts This makes the day already perfect. I imaging how big it will be within 6 months. Spread the news, build the blockchain and LOVE STEEM !

just hope they get the support they need and expect. I appreciate your post and thank you @exyle go well and good luck.

Mark @exyle this is Fantastic News of the Growth of STEEMIT. I will go out on a Limb and say that the price of STEEM buy the end of the Year will be way UP into the higher Double Digit range. I know that is not an exact number but lets just say higher than 50..........

YES, it's getting hot in Steemit.. I hope the pople who joins have a postive feeling about it.. also important is how many recurring users you have

I keep coming back to your page everyday, I'll have to admit you are fast becoming my favourite Steemian

Thanks! :)

super happy to expose those stats, i knew the platform was growing but that's much faster than it used to be, we will probably be stuffy 1 million accounts in the as soon as three months, summer period million accounts excitement

Glad to see just how much Steemit is growing. I get so excited thinking just how far we've come. I can only imagine where we'll be by next year!

This is really a good news, i am very happy to see this phenomenal growth of this great platform and i strongly feel this is just the beginning, we will see many more new records from Steemit!

"On average we make 250.000 posts a day with all active Steemians combined!"

All active bots combined! 😉

i noticed that a lot of youtubers are moving to d tube and steemit ,, they bring with them a lot of new users

Steemit is HUGE ! thats why i love Steemit

Wow! what a stormy info you have focus here, getting so inspired and strange, all of the other currency will be massacre dear @exyle, now Blockchain will diominateall others, carry on

You just have to give it up to steem - The steem blockchain is just so powerful in many ways.

Steem keeps breaking records weekly and daily.
Oh! and it has zero transaction fees and still scales well and carries out massive transactions per second. You just have to put some Respeck on the steem blockchain.

gif from giphy

Steem is so undervalued right now - wait for everybody to take notice of it and you'll see massive adoption.

Thanks @exyle for this daily and well research stats - it surely helps a lot of persons to know how steem is faring and to make sound investment decisions

Happy Steeming

steemit have a high trasaction speed than bitcoin and ethereum .we can earn from upvoting replying and posting .Everything is tremendoous in steemit.it will surely shine on 2018.

Indeed Steem blockchain is growing... its impressive to see that with such high percentage of activities, the strain on network is low compared to Ethereum. The site builder is a genius!

steemit transactions are so fast ..much higher than bitcoin ethereum and litecoin

yes the post is so awesome

Glad I got in early! Happy to be here. I saw your YouTube channel and it's a lot different than your DTube account! Congrats on 201 vlogs :)

It's amazing the fact that the steem blockchain can support 100 times more transactions than is now and still keep going just fine

Steem is number 1, steem remains number 1
Thank you for reporting this facts. Good work!

yes steemit is always be number 1 and we all are proud of it

I always knew Steemit would be contending with Facebook soon. Congrats on the notification app

steemit is number 1 wendie :-)

Waoo you are growing so fast
Good congrats
Please give me some tips I am new goining

we all are also growing with steemit @sadiasadi

Really very good sort story Dear sir @exyle ty to share ✌

yes steemit is future of social networking :-)

Incredible steemit will become a big player on the internet very soon. I am looking forward to the big times coming up. YouTube will be the first plattform which will be beaten by DTube in the steemit network. :) All other big platforms will follow shortly....

yes steemit and dtube are best. i love blogging just because of steemit and i love video posting just because of dtube :-)

Everything here is fair and open, which makes it a great concept. I am glad that I am already here.

yes you are right domnikk95 that's why we all love Steemit❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Brief summary of the crypto markets and overall market cap. Coincheck was hacked for $530 million and it was the largest hack of an exchange ever. NEM's price is down 10% on the news of the hack. Cover 6 ways crypto makes the world better. Goldman Sachs has some crypto news that I cover. XLM the leading altcoin? and Stellar vs Ripple. South Korea has been investing in crypto the whole time they wanted to ban it. Cannabis coins provide a real world solution for the cannabis industry. Even brothels are accepting crypto now in Las Vegas. China may end the ban on ICO's in 2018. New exchange based in the Cayman Islands called Spark exchange.

security will be implemented this year on cryptocurrency for sure cryptobtcchris:-)

Never thought about that it will raise up like this ! :o Really interesting how fast STEEM is growing up here since the start of the new year...

Selamat malam bro saya sangat suka dengan steem anda.. Semoga tetap semangat dalam steem

great to see stats like this.
its crazy when u look at the bitcoin transactions... and the fees ;/

This is good news for steemians. More accounts to be signed up to awesome. Thank tou for this information.

Nice write up.

nice your writing post

steemit is a future of cryptocurrency ..i love steemit:-) steemit.jpeg

Wow! This is amazing. We are really growing.
I have always shown faith on this platform. Heading to the moon i guess.

Let's keep on steeming!

yes steemit is best:-)

Wow...Fantastic...Steemit platform would be awesome and growing faster. Celebration news. So excited every steemians.

yes we all are excited

Waw Ilove it, help me how to be yours. We can around the word bitcoin. I want to invest

my mind is truly blown away by the stat's each day something new record wow steem is the best

This seems to be a good thing for everyone, more people more money. At least I think so. Thanks for the information.

Owwwoo its really Amazing @exyle bt Not to eusy.... thanks for shareing ✌✌

Steemit is growing wide

So far huge transactions, posts, accounts added very fast. Its seems steemit growth-up. Congratulations all to who join this platform. 2018 gives up more opportunities. This is huge year to huge blockchain. Its hit over target.

It's been a great pleasure to see that steemit is growing so fast. I wish steemit be more popular than any other social networking sites in 2018.

oh my god! really its a good news.go ahead steem

hola! I like your post! Thanks for it! Hope to see more of your works.i just upvoted your post hope u will do desame thank uhttps://steemit.com/altcoin/@praize50/katy-perry-showcases-her-crypto-claws

Good writing that is
i think dtube is best no doubt
in fure it will porefull more
thanks for sharing that is

Unbelievable! Let's gooooo steemit! Didn't realise there was a notification app. I'll check that out!

steemit is the best!!!

such morning good news make people do their best!
Good luck steamians!

Steemit is the future ... it will not stop going forward ... come on steeemit !!

I hope that this influences the price of Steem and SBD, I am getting a lot of people into this community as I truly love it! :D

This is a huge impact. Steemit is fast growing and very soon, steem and sbd is going to be very high.

nice post

Steem is the new model of SNS. facebook is getting nervous.

congratulations all Steemians on this success and i believe steemit is on the soon.

Yay congratulation to all fellow steemians,great days ahead : )

Steem will rule the world!!!!!

We should rename Steem as Record ;) hahah
each day a level up in the game

When I was starting to register my account in juli 2017, it takes just a view hours to get the login. But now I register my 2 another accounts 3 days ago, till now, no confirmation. I think it takes now a lot more time to get the login account

This is amazing @exyle

@exyle whenwe'll be able to use android application for steemit?
and yeah, steem it going up like a rocket.

This is a good one. Thumbs up

Great progress. I am very proud that people can be lost from the life of poverty

wow i m happy to see the progress of the app..and waiting for the android version :)

wow very nice steemit information and life , story writing etc .

Steem is growing and this is the future!!!!!!

I'm surprised with this post, Steemit social network is growing so fast and taking a little time to this process taking place, just a few days, I hope that the crypto Steem grows as fast as the community is doing now too.

Let's go for dance....
Steemit going to leader. And its ture....
no one can stop our steemit power.

So, Steemit is Steemit...

Great to share

The network effect starts to pay off!

new all time high in transaction's awesome thing this would only scale high from here on

When you read good things about the platform you are investing your time on, then you feel good and it gives encouragement. Helps you get motivated.

If 50 000 new users on the platform continues to be a trend then this site is going to be one of the biggest things in 2018.

It's super amazing. To break the previous records. Steemit is growing so fast! Because guys like blockbrothers work every day trying to improve it!

Wow great information about the new system, yes it is the big year for cryptocurrncy. Thanks for sharing the great innovation.

Thanks @exyle for sharing the vlog and information with all of us.

 New record on the STEEM blockchain!

Wow !!! What a glorious day for every steemian today the  Blocktivity  stat's now really standing out the STEEM is on the NO. 1 spot this makes everyone feel really special.

 1.9 million transactions in 1 day with a 0.13% strain on the network.

This is the really mind blowing only usage of 0.13% of total capacity we can scale really high the prices too seem to be doing justice the time is here to go to the moon.

Thanks a lot again for sharing 

Have a great day ahead


We are going to conquer the internet!

Now big names and celebrities will soon start joining steemit and it will always be pumping like never before.

are you serious ???

  • 50.000 new accounts in a week.


This is a mega stride in a positive direction. Steemit will become the safest blockchain to deal on in no time. I'm glad I came early @exyle

Dear check my post i am ur friend

After 2 years we will have forgotten the numbers you mentioned. Steemit will grow too much. I'm sure. This is very pleasing news. Thanks for the statistics. :)

Hoi, Deze week alleen al 50k aan nieuwe accounts het is niet te geloven waar zullen we over 1 jaar zijn? Leuke blog weer groetjes, David


wow, that's amazing and I really support it ,, I can not wait for the latest from you guys witnes, you are great, and you need to know I used to be a loyal user of facebook before knowing steemit, and now I am proud to be a regular part of steemit,

all day good news for steemians :)
we're the most active blockchain with the fastest growing community!!!
steem is going to be huge this year, can't wait for it and i'm glad to be a part of it!
thanks for sharing, good vibes like always :) keep that up
upvoted & resteemed

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