Chilling in the park and encountering a weird looking pancake...

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This whole weekend has been amazing in the Netherlands.

It's like Spring.

While I'm typing this I have the door open to the garden.

It's like a warm summer night where they heat refuses to go.

I love it.

Yesterday we went to the park to chill and have pancakes.


We have this big park that's like a small forrest in Rotterdam.

It's the place where many people come to relax when the sun is out.

We drove to the park and walked to the pancake place.

Bianca took some pictures on the way.

Snapseed 2.jpg

After 15 minutes of walking we found the pancake place.

It looked rustic.

Snapseed 5.jpg

We sat down and I ordered two bacon and cheese pancakes.

Not much later this arrived....

Snapseed 4.jpg

My first reaction was uncertainty.

Who puts green stuff on pancakes?

After further investigations I also found oregano and paprika powder....

O well...I went for it anyway...

And it worked!

I don't know how but it did.

Bianca loved it too.

We paid and went searching for a place to relax and enjoy the sun.

Not much later we found it.


Snapseed 6.jpg

I think I had a nap too.

We spend good few hours there and it was amazing.

What a relaxing way to spend a weekend.

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Weekend is one of the best moments if any one utilize it, realize it and love it like you:) Good to see both of you. You can truly just relax and have fun. It is your quality that people like most.
Excellent photography of sunny day.
Keep your life beautiful like the spring days. Thanks sir for sharing the beautiful moments of your's.

thank you!

I like how you and Bianca @bkdbkd were able to Relax and Enjoy the Beautiful Day in the Forest. [email protected] are you sure that was not a PIZZA and not a Pancake ??

Lolzz...I love the fact that you two always make out time for each other and each time I see you guys, I feel like getting married tomorrow . It's really great seeing couples spend time together being happy in a world where people see divorce as the order of the day. You guys should please keep this up. You re an inspiration to many.

As for the pancake. This looks more like pizza to me. Never seen a pancake this huge and fluffy. Looks like what's gonna taste great anyways.

A wonderful weekend, my friend and you are right, it's a great idea to just spend a weekend in the fresh air among the park. You, as I understand, have a very good service for recreation, if you want to eat, then there will be no problems, for example, we need to take food with us from home, otherwise we can stay hungry, haha. Have a wonderful weekend and it's great! Thank you Mark.

How great my friend @exyle, I'm glad you're enjoying this beautiful place :). Those pancakes look strange, but they must taste delicious.

Greetings colleague @exyle!!

What beautiful pictures, I like all the trees and the lake at that park. The sun with all that vitamin D and fresh air are a good combination for maximum relaxation. It surely was time well spent :)

Is that park as huge as it seems? kind of jealous to be honest :P

It's pretty big!

Sounds like a lovely evening @exyle. We're having similar weather here too and as it's a holiday weekend we've got another day of it tomorrow.

pancake looked good to me! 😊

Beautiful park . I know you two must have enjoyed it. And what a unique looking pancake. Never seen one like that. But seems it tasted good and that's all that matters :)

Thanks for sharing @exyle.

Oh wait, is that Superman I see flashing across the sky in that last
photo ? ;)

Wow awesome fun time with some awesome weird food hahah :D great pics

Those were pancakes? Looks like pizza😁
Looks like a great relaxing place to spend the weekend🤗
Have a great week @exyle!

You are very brave eating the pancake, I would have passed. Don't you just love spending time exploring new places? This was inspiring. I want to see more of the world with my husband.

Such a good point its still spring lol I almost forgot with the recent hot weather to be honest, I know what you mean the 2nd floor here is hot and the heat just wont leave, that is so cool a pancake place in the forest, with ballons also! Looks great @exyle

Looks like you had a nice and chill weekend! :-D

Are you sure you ate a pancake and not a pizza? That looks like pizza to me lol

100% pancake :)

The Big has the best panncakes in town 🤩

Haha, you know the place!

It's like a pizza pancake! It's been quite lovely here too today!

Belive it or not I went to the park yesterday as well. It’s botanical park very close to where I live (about 45 min driving) and anytime weather allows it we take this small trip. On top of it, it was warm and sunny yesterday, just a perfect day. It’s always relaxing when you spend time with the nature. Even nap doesn’t hurt 😆. That’s why me and my wife love it as well. Bacon and cheese pancakes sounds very interesting, afterall if it wasn’t tasty they wouldn’t sell it.

For me when I see your weekend, I just give a title for your post, i hope you dont mind . The title is "Amazing couple by amazing travel for amazing place with amazing romanticly weekend". Its very nice for me, if i have moment like this i will bring my wife here too. Thanks for inspiring me mr. @exyle

Nice sharing

Good @exyle you have chosen a beautiful place to relax, you needed it, especially after eating that strange pancake! But then luckily everything went well, did you get a digestive? :)))

Oh what a great weekend, Holland is a country that generates endless emotions, I would like to try those pancakes, they look delicious, I hope you continue to travel and of course continue to have fun, I like to visit and taste those pancakes some day, I sure would love to.
Greetings from venezuela my friend @exyle

Bianca looks good with the shades, you guys are always at the restaurant or making berbecue and steaks, I'm glad you both went out on an outdoor event

Wow excellent park photography ..Really this park is big and nice ..Specially your picture looking so cute and innocent .I am interesting visit this part.

Nice photos my friend. The park looks really beautiful .just shows how wonderful nature is. Haha oh yes that pancake looks really weird. The perfect weekend. Thanks for sharing my friend

Excelente, gracias por llevarme con ustedes en este relajante paseo a través del lente de su cámara @exyle.

What a great spot! Looks like the perfect place for a mid-hike meal. There's nothing like pancakes for some much needed energy.

That’s a cool hidden Gem! I will admit it looked a bit strange (the pancake that is) but I imagine it was a real treat👍

Well without a doubt you both did had a great time.

You both should do it more often :)

Liked the view from of the sky.

Wow..the pancake does look like a pizza, the good thing is that you enjoyed it. There is nothing good as kicking back and relaxing at the park. Another good thing is having all the sunshine and heat- this helps elevate your mood. Thank you for sharing....

Fun.... That's all I see around you, you've got a pretty woman there.

I think I'm confused right now, I just published a recipe for oatcake pancakes and it looks different than the one in the picture, so I would have had the same impression if I had ordered pancakes somewhere, maybe the translator wasn't helping me! Anyway, if the result was good, maybe the look can happen, I think it would be very quiet to take a walk in that place, it looks lovely, I imagine my son running from one side to another! Enjoy your Sunday, happy night.

A sunny day with nature is good for the soul. BTW, is that a UFO in the last photo? lol.

These days, many people go trip and post it which I am very envious of. I can't experience these place as much as you could, but I also am chill with that pictures. Please keep posting this type of travelling pictures, I will keep track of them! Thank you!

That sounds great and the environment seems to be the best, save for the pancake that scared you at first!!

great hike. nice.

Looks like a glorious vacation, it’s always awesome when the Weather of the environment is accommodating. Pancake looking so yummy, love pizza and pancakes myself. I can’t walk a mile for them. Beautiful pictures by the way. Have more fun filled experience

Wonderful art of writing! The photography also brilliant!

looks like a really nice pancake place.. looks a little different but glad to hear it tasted good :)

You are so happy

Amazing, and in my opinion you are blessed to stay close to nature because many don't get this opportunity. And the way of garden with those huge green trees are reflecting as the army of nature's dynasty which is welcoming everyone. And the pancake place is really awesome and have that essence of nature and simplicity. Yes, in first view the pancake is reflecting more like an Pizza but i understood by your comments that it's an mystery pancake. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

We are not rich, nature made us rich by giving beautiful environment and resources for free of cost.
-Own Opinionated Thoughts

I know you are really active so i will vote for you as active witness. Keep doing the great work.

A good day for hiking, enjoying the time, and a sunny atmosphere this is what makes hiking better

have you a good day sir @exyle

Nice place to enjoy and relax great to see that :)

For some good time this place is perfect for a mini holiday hahaa so cool and you had an awesome nap for sure

Wow... You really enjoyed yourself @exyle my weekend was almost ruined by a rain that started very early in the morning and lasted till latter in the afternoon but my friend came to pick me up and we went to his place to play PES, I was fun as we were making gest of each other till we finally round things up and went back home and relax.

the pancakes was something to look to hahah very interesting :)

What a fun & relaxing experience you share with us! The forest looks wonderful! It seems odd that a pancake place is within it! That's a fun treat! Great to enjoy 👍🌳🌲

Looks like a good day! I would not be too certain about that pancake either if they would serve it to me :) Enjoy the weather, I read that it will be less warmer from tomorrow in Holland or something. Here in Budapest it's also a bit less warm but still warm..

Wow great pictures and a great place, the park is so cool and the weather maybe hot but cool :D

That sounds like a really amazing weekend. That is the way every weekend should be. Relaxing and stress-free. Lots of sun. Good company. Great food.

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