Vlog 262: My investment plan is patience + Steem price + Dbooks another cool project using the Steem blockchain.

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Everyone probably noticed that the payouts are going down.

That's because they are calculated over a STEEM price of 3,5 days.

The average right now is $1,70.

The STEEM price currently is $1,50, so the payouts will go a little lower from here if STEEM stays at this level for 3,5 days.

My investment plan/buy-in price is still the same.

Steem < $1,00

BTC < $6000

Again, these are my personal targets. I have no idea if they will be reached. If everything would go up from here I would be happy too.

Dbooks was announced/released yesterday.

Read their introduction post here.

It's another platform that uses the STEEM blockchain in one way or another.

I love these developments because it's people and ideas and them trying to add value to the blockchain.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

▶️ DTube

patience i love it! dbooks? love it more! i'll be looking forward for the development to it since my strength is only writing , i'm gonna be committed writing everyday . :)

One cool aspect of steem, price variation does not matter much from what you make from upvote.
Steem+$US1 or US10, it varies on steem earned not on dollars earned.
The dollar stays the same.
It works if you are not a minnow, otherwise you will just disappear.
Keep on posting and steemin'

That is interesting, since my buying target is the same. Around 6k for btc is very strong support. 1$ STEEM is bargain price, although markets are bearish and it could go much lower.

It's so nice to get some clarity on this. I finally produced a high paying post, and for days I have been perplexed as I watched the payout decrease. I of course, had been watching the market, and scratching my head the entire time!

Thanks @exyle!

Steem to the Moon! Hodling!

I had already watched the trailer for Ready Player One and it was amazing diving into the game virtual world. I think I might watch the movie on one of my local cinemas.

STEEM price is down but that will not bring my heart down as I will keep blogging the same as you. Upvoted!

Because you are one of the dedicated one's my friend! Much love!

Thank you, my dear friend!

I loved the film man, I highly recommend it.

I can't understand why so many people keep saying that Steem will fail when it is clearly one of the most used blockchains out there, Dbooks along with tens of other new projects coming is a great example of how developers believe in the underline platform Steem, I don't know when SMTs will be released but it could revolutionize thousands of websites and forums across the internet. Anyway, in my opinion, the 2 things we really need now in order to grow faster is the Steemit's smartphone app and the Velocity update. Great video as always @exyle!

I think Steem will transcend the current platform. Competitors will come and EOS will probably have something really good but Steem will explore and expand into other areas as it already is.

Mark @exyle I am so Positive on the Future of the STEEM Block Chain and I love your energy and excitement too. @rea and @ezzy what great STEEMIANS. The Friends that you have met and the Friends that you will still meet are the Miracle of STEEMIT. Great Content and Great Friends nowhere else can that happen but here....................Happy Easter.

I definitely love the idea of ebooks, just like any other successful project on steemit platform. When it comes to payouts, not only payouts are down, have you noticed curation rewards shrinking as well? It’s not that rewarding anymore. Could one of the reason be buying votes? With all bots having over million SP eating most of the rewards? I think this is the biggest thread to steemit existence. They are not even profitable at all. I looked at some vote buyers and I noticed all of them are actually loosing money. With Steem and SBD price going down during this payout time they are loosing even more. Is it greed? Is this foul imagination of high payout making them blindfolded? I have a huge respect for guys like you @exyle, @ezzy, @onceuponatime, @nonameslefttouse, @adsactly... and many more for being original and not using these senseless voting bots that are only looking for curation reward rip off and destroying this comunity. Someone has to stop this, someone who has voice here. There are individuals who try, but if there are only individuals trying I’m afraid it won’t help.

your all experience very valuable for me.because your idea helped doing on my steemit work properly.your investment plan very best... now we should be patient of our own work.. we have to seek new projects like you . Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting.. sbd prize very low this time.so,patient is a main part of future success.. But your investment plans for Bitcoin and steemit are great and I know you will get it.thanks to sharing for your good post..dear...@exyle

My recommendation is to buy it now, do not wait for a specific bottom, the price is already cheap enough. It is just what I see. But in the end everyone has to decide himself.

DBooks wow another cool project build top of STEEM blockchain! No matter the price drop, atleast I can gather more SP with this drop time!


I've been following you for quite some time, I love your informations well laid. Sometimes I play the videos when I have enough mb .
I'll check out this new one.
Thanks for sharing.

Yes the payouts are going down and the platform is half empty. I feel that the most people are not online for days. Maybe the payout is the reason for their disappearance :)
I am happy to see the Dbook as we have many nice writers here.
Have a nice weekend :)

Thanks @exyle, seriously...each video you make keeps me informed about what’s happening, which is important. I’m new to Crypto but not to creating :) I loved Ready Player One as well, really struck home, especially the Shining !!! I remembered how bloody terrified I was watching that movie for the first time 😳

Thank you, man. I walked out of the cinema with the biggest smile for a long time, I loved it.

Dbooks? Seriously? This sounds really intersting. Have to check out their introduction.

I buy when I have the capacity to buy. I am already all-in. The exception is my silver stack. My silver stack is my foundation. My crypto holdings are separate.
Watching 4 hour charts as I write... Things are looking up.

Steem and Bitcoin are dipping but don't think so it will go down to less than 1.00$ and 6000$. But we can't say where it will end. It steem will go down to such extent it will be a great opportunity for investment. Thanks for sharing @exyle

seems like your investment plan is perfect because btc is reaching that point and so does steem too along with btc will reach that good time to accumulate more steem nice strategy :) and steem blockchain is not stopping at this moment lots of developments happening

That's what i'm going to do aswell if steem goes to $1 i will buy more. But i would prefer it to go up so i hope it doesn't get that low. Thanks for telling us about DBook. Happy Easter! :)

Thank you for introducing dbook! This comes at exactly the right time for me, since a friend is pushing me to write a book a she was just yesterday telling me, I should make a book out of my Steemit posts. Awesome! 🙏

Hi @exyle,
Thanks for sharing with us all your investment plan, particularly wrt the Steem price.

I echo you that it's important not just to look at the current payouts, but the potential of Steemit, which is what will give this platform enduring longterm value.

Looking forward to more posts from you! (:

#exyle I like you always and keep support your dtube always impress me

Really Steam has dropped a lot lately and I do not know what will happen will it rise or not
A great tip of information, my friend.

Don't worry, the rain is coming ;) The clouds are just moving over London, so they will arrive there soon enough haha.

you are perfectly right,it's just something of a moment

@exyle steem and bitcoin are dipping and for investors like me it's the right time to invest in.
According to my 3 year of experience I think bitcoin will bounce back in October of this year...
But your investment plans for Bitcoin and steemit are great and I know you will get it.

Steem < $1,00

BTC < $6000
It's really bad to see steemit going down.

Hope for the Best , Happy Easter

Steem price going down breaks my heart. I remember the $8 steem. Dying to see it again.

Don't know why but I have the same investment plan. Not moving an inch and will start buying again at 6k and below 1$ steem :d

Thanks for telling about DBook 😇

I am relatively new to all of this, but with STEEM Prices and buying targets, does that mean I have to pay per upload?

Hope ot will be ok with steem soon. we really need patience and we have to seek new projects like you . cuz like we say "Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting" 😃

I read it well. Thank you for the good information. It is weak but I vote.

great post dear @exyle

Am really curious about steemit going down and I don't know what the future holds for it right now.

Wished I had some money laying around that I could invest in some STEEM right now. Don't know if it will get as low as 1$ but I think 1.50$ is a pretty good buying point too.

I bought Vechain whne it was 5.80... still believe in that strong chinese team!

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:

I think that cryptocurrencies will rise again soon in like christmas, I will turn all of my Ethereum once they hit a good point into Steem power and use bots to generate a steady profit to get my own house, what is your opinion on my strategy?

I was little upset when i saw the payouts are going down. It is really disappointing situation for the very new users like me on this platform. I tried to make good content and invest on it. But because of low payouts my plan need to work in a different way. And i hope your plan also be fulfilled and you will be happy too.

Thank You @exyle for shearing valuable information.

God bless on your goal :)

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