Vlog 223: Time vs Reward on the blockchain - a bigger perspective.

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When I wrote stories in 2016 for $0.10 one could easily say that "time vs reward" it was 100% not worth it from a monetary standpoint.

But I enjoyed writing the stories so that made it worth it.

But there is more.

A $0.10 post would back then earn a user 1 STEEM token worth 10 cents.

That 1 STEEM token is $4 today if you kept it all that time.

You probably can already guess were I'm going with this.

If you earn 1 STEEM token with a post today and it goes to $10 or $20 in the future is it worth it?

Now to think like this you need to believe that the STEEM blockchain will go up in value.

If you think this will not be the case, you need to sell everything you earn. That makes sense.

But if do believe it then you need to consider this future potential. Not only when you create today but also when you think about selling.

To get a better understanding of the blockchain and the future potential I would recommend reading the white papers. (the STEEM white paper and the white paper about upcoming SMT's).

It's not the easiest bedside reading material to chew tough but it will give you a better understanding of what's going on this blockchain:



Another thing I talk about in my vlog today is a post by user @fyrstikken here.

Everything you do and earn on the blockchain is public knowledge. Including how much STEEM tokens you have.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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wish there was an easier version of both white papers available
like a "dummy version" ?
my ADHD cant handle such a big read sadly

There is actually! It's called the blue paper. https://steem.io/steem-bluepaper.pdf

Ow my! Thank you so much 🤗

in 2016 you had another account, not @exyle?

I remember spending a couple hours to read the Steem whitepaper. It helped answer many of my questions. It also explained how just because Steem is inflationary, that doesn't mean the value of each token will decrease in value as more are created (thanks to Steem Power).
I do think Steem will be successful. At the same time, I am enjoying the time I spend writing thorough blog posts. If anything, I at least improved my writing style.

I tried reading the SMT whitepaper. I understood some of it, but then it got into the mostly programming aspect of it and math as well. I didn't really focus much on those parts but the rest of it was good and made a lot of sense.

Yes it will be great to write the blogs which not only increase the writing skills,which also helps in binding the relations between the steemians .so go for it do your hard work here & you will be rewarded for sure .

Where was i since 2016? ...
I still feel terrible that i discovered Steemit a month ago.
I feel like i wasted 2 good years and i'm still hitting my head on the way for this.

I've read through the white paper. This platform is still warming up!
I don't have fait currency to invest in steem... But when i earn SBD i always try to power up no matter how small it is.
I urge everyone to believe in steem and there future.

Keep Steeming!

keep steeming~!

@gotit can i post in kr comunity ?becuase some told me its against kr communty ? if dont belong to korea ??

Thanks mate :)

Where was i since 2016? ...

No need bashing yourself. Whatever you are purposed to earn on this platform you will earn. Everything is Divinely Timed and Divinely Orchestrated. Realize that anything you would have earned in the previous months, would have been lost to equal what you have today.

Confused?....;+)...Give it some thought.


Well said @spiritualmatters
You words speak wisdom :)
Everything is already predestined.

The same here ... however ... in 2017 (i guess) there was the Steem crash, which lost 95% of its value ... back then it was the third most valuable crypto ... that is actually good for us ... as the the platform is now solid and mature, and the value of Steem is affordable ... a great future is ahead!

Thanks @exyle. This really give people who are just getting started, like me, motivation to keep writing. You are certainly right, the main reason that I am writing on Steemit is because I really enjoy the content that I make (usually neuroscience related). Steemit provides an incentive to continue doing so. There is no other platform where I could earn money just by posting my work. I am also reinvesting everything into the platform and see this as a long term opportunity.

Thanks so much for these videos!

Yes it will be great to spend time on steemit about writing blogs & do comments on the others posts which will make a good relation between the steemians. So never give up,keep on doing your work .

Thank you mate for this motivational post, I believe that steem is one of the most undervalued coins, and powering up is the best investment in steem.

I am quite new on this platform, but I cannot agree more with you on this one.

I always work on steemit to just earn few dollars like 2$ or 3$ per day .which is more than enough for me & it would be 15$ or 20$ in USD .so never underestimate the power if crypto

Wen you show me these things i really think to bad that i did not know about Steem 1 year ago...

I will look at both whitepapers...

Wish you a wonderfull day!

Really i am inspired reading your post . Now i am seeing my steemit future through your post . only 10 cent in 1 steem was in 2016, day by day steem growing up to highest level . Thank you very much for your inspirational post. I earn mental energy reading your post .

I think it's a great help if you have the mindset that Steem will eventually be worth $10 or $20 or even more. It evens out that time/reward curve. But like you, when you were making $0.10 a post, it helps even more if you love the process of creating, and of interacting with other creators. You might not get rich, but you'll have a more rewarding and fulfilling experience.

It´s definitely the right decision to hold to any STEEM/SBD we get, the small amount that looks ridiculous now will be worth a good amount in some years (I usually think in a 5 year time).

Living in the moment is a mistake, especially if you are in so early in the crypto world, if everybody says that the Blockchain technology is something that will change the way world operate, then all of those people are crazy? other than the small fact that many of them are already billionaires just from believing in it.

I did think about this the other day. I must confess I have not been very active due to life events, but when I first joined I did buy 120 STEEM (they were about $0.80 at the the time) and invested it into SP because I thought the platform was worth the investment. Even if I did not use it myself that much due to a lack of time. Low and behold my investement has now grown so I have made x7, but I am keeping it in the platform for exactly the same reason; projects like this need to be nurtured and supported, regardless of personal gain, because money is just money, but community is priceless in today's world. Thanks for the post, it is useful to ponder these things.

Excellent post dear friend @exyle, very good point that you have touched and I totally share your opinion, unfortunately I have not been able to save all my steem won, still I do not have saving capacity, however this is in my doing, a while ago I read a material , where they affirm that the estimated price of the steem for the year 2020 is US $ 20.00, my personal opinion is that this value will be half of what the value of the steem could reach.
Thank you very much for sharing all this information, I wish you a prosperous week

Thanks, I did not even think of that, the increase in value! Ha! Well I believe in Steem but more than that, I am enjoying writing and sharing here, its interesting finding new people here with and the rewards, even though small for now, its still encouraging, and good practice.

Time test the person out and that's truly applicable on steemit we have seen steem in the cents and today it is way up higher and the more people have just joined in due to the high prices if it goes back to dollar one many might go away but those who remain during tough time deserves it

Thanks for the moral support Exyle! Yes, I agree the long view is the only way to look at Steem currently.

So far I've made the effort to blog at least once a day. And even if it's only a pic I am sharing from my cache of photos, I am also posting the photographer's information. This allows me to share part of my technique. And it allows me to build a body of work that is consistent and carries my "voice".

Of course I have much bigger plans for my activity for Steemit and Dtube. As you can see by my name, I was inspired to combat both main stream news that is obviously controlled by mega-corporations and vloggers with ideas I disagree with. It's a classic case of "Think for yourself, question authority" as a guideline for what I cover.

But, also being a filmmaker, the goal here would be for me to create consistent professional content and have enough Steem generated from the series where it funds itself. And by "funds itself", I mean I am able to hire a few crew members and some good actors.

So far the only issue I've had is being able to consistently upload to Dtube. I suppose it's because it is new and perhaps has some bugs. And I hope the more this is mentioned the sooner this issue will be fixed.

So yes, long view of the situation is key. And knowing "content is king", being a filmmaker, writer, comic actor, UFO investigator, and artist will give FakeInternetNews a lot of content creations choices for a long time.

As far as security and everyone being able to see everyone else's wallet, well, I am going to allow that issue to be solved by people who understand how to deal with electronic theft. Granted, I know there is a real danger in terms of abduction and key stealing, but that seems like a possibility only of you are in somewhere without a good security infrastructure basics such as police, courts, jails, etc... (and here in the USA, a lot of us carry firearms for the very practical purpose of self-defense.).

But, to me, pondering this idea of Steem theft seems out of my realm and expertise. I would rather focus on the positives of earning Steem by content creation and interaction with other creators.

So, we all appreciate you demonstrating how someone can earn well using the Steem blockchain. The whole thing seems like the "next big thing" waiting to happen. And as you mention it's very young still, when you consider how quickly the internet giants rose to power, it does not take a lot of imagination to think about Steemit and Dtube becomming major players.

Another classic motivational post for getting one's head (more precisely brain) sorted out right to last this race. Thank you!

I always think that i really need to seek the better understanding of the block chain,sometimes I have questions but no where exactly to get answers. I hope these documents that I just downloaded from you will be of help.
Thanks so much @exyle. A very insightful post!

Yes it is worth it. Many people gave up from the first month because they wanted the fast high reward and didnt get it. But you have been patient and now well rewarded :)

Exactly brother thats the beauty of this platform,if one come in and join it for the sake of quick money then certainly this platform is not for him.for me I think patience and persistence and valuable content are the key elements to keep in mind if one aspires to be a good steemian.it will reward you back so much so that sometimes it's beyond imagination.
Same thing happens with the trading of crypto currencies.

@exyle, True, every piece or recognition is recognition... I'm new on Steemit myself, and of course, it will take a while... but why would I care? It is like you say... as long as you love doing what you do, and you feel good about it... that's the most important. Good explanation and nice to read a bit about how it started for you. Thanks for sharing!

Exactly my point. I have friends who right away compare my 2 hours of blog writing with $10. What they forget is 5 years later.
And not to forget the reputation and followers. Sure those are intangible but very significant.

The issue of privacy versus transparency will become even bigger in the future as steem goes up in price. I hope we don't get around to see extortions and things of that nature happening in order to steel one's steem but if the price goes high enough anything could happen.

time is certainly something i remember there was a user trying to make fun of your but he don't understand the time and patience you have shown no one can put that much effort and patience people just see outside result not the efforts behind it

There is so much more inherent value in the platform than most people give it credit for. If people aren’t happy with the results they are having on the platform then they need to take a close look at themselves. They need to think how they are interacting with other people. If they are sitting at tha back wall of the blockchain and having no interaction then they are just as well going back to FB or twitter. Building a brand of any sort takes time, and it takes time for that brand to be recognised. Sadly too many people are out for a quick fix/buck and do not want to do the lef work for it, but sadly they will be dissapointed and leave.

I can only speak for myself when i say i have never worked so hard on a social media platform to connect and comment and post blogs, but all i can say is, it will pay off in due course. As i mentioned in a post the other day we have to be like the movie field of dreams and believe in this

build it and they will come

There are many ways people can be successful on the steem blockchain they just need to get focused on what they want to do or if they want to be eratic and post about everything then it will work, will take time to build a solid following as tou brand will be disorganised and confusing. Take this ealry time and ask yourself what you want to do and achieve and set goals. Otherwise people will flounder of into the abyss.

Great post @exyle keep up the good work!!

Let's be patient and wait, steemit hasn't even changed from beta yet.
There are a lot of events to come. So the smartest thing is just to power everything up :d

Thanks for that @exyle. It helped me clarify what was has been getting me down here this past week. It's not really about the money for me or the long term it's more about how I and others play the game. I will reflect more on this whilst keeping on blogging!

Interesting point about security too. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! 😊

steemit is the way forward

@exyle you have grown exceptionally well on this platform, from $0.10 to $200 per post in itself is a great achievement and yes you right in saying that earning 1 STEEM from a post is also a good achievement because the value of STEEM is still very under priced and once SMT's are launched it surely going to reach atleast $15 -$20 ...I am very optimistic on the future value of STEEM blockchain!

Yes, definitely right. But one thing in my mind keeps me worry about that if Steem increase really high. All of us want that :) It's going to be very hard to convert your earning to Steem Power. Because the SP calculation base on USD. it must good for early days, when the Steem lower than USD.

@exyle If people want to do well on STEEMIT you need to find your niche surround yourself with like minded people and invest in your future. Invest in your future means you may have to BUY some STEEM and Power UP.....

i am always saw your dtube video thanks for sharing

There you are - 0.10$ at the beginning and now you are at 120$ :>

Work hard, post regularly, show your talent, invest some if you can, comment on good post, follow the good steemians like @exyle :), and more importantly be very patience. That is what I learn from @exyle. Thanks again, and have healthy and profitable week.

I think people who take it all in steemit are those who havnt still developed trust in the system. Those who trust the potentials of the system know well to save up some steem or better still power up. It takes a lot of balls as no one actually knows tomorrow but those who started earlier than now are enjoying because of the decisions they made some donkey months ago in 2016, people like you precisely . If I start saving up now, I don't think it is late and that's why I have been able to save up a little steem and will do better with time.

Your post today is in alignment with a post made by @tarazkp just this morning where he talked about having the instant gratification mentality . I am really inspired.

@sistem you mean it's late to work on here ????

How long did you make 0.10$ posts?

It's really interesting to compare.
It will be SUPER hard for steem to reach 10$ or 20$ with people who use witness for their advantage. People rape reward pool to make themselves richer.

Speed of witdrawal is bigger than speed of deposit((

Man it's not like how much time it takes to make $ on your post,if your content worth than you may also get 100s of $ .

No, you know that some posts with 200 words get 100s of $. It's bullshit posts, but they make money. I know that there is sites that pay 100$ for 1500 word article. Big articles with real value.

it definitely will and d.tube will be its key reason

I think you have a great mind because money can not stop your pen or mind to write and some time we get rewards after a long time
tolerance have a sweat fruit and i think you get your fruit after writing a long time keep it up
I wish you health and wealth stay blessed and keep sharing

Salute you for the continuous writing and effort.. people in steemit should take u as a role model to become a blogger

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Mantap post nya bung, sangat bermanfaat

Time never remain same, now you are a rolemodel for steem community your blog is full with a great contents

Well knit write up. Btw, im earning only $0.01 or $0.00 on my posts. A thing to lol about.

You made a lot of great points. I agree that steem could go up in the future. Thanks for giving us a historical perspective.

excellent perspective. i remember seeing steem at $1 wish i got in then. just voted for witness!

we believe it @exyle!! lets be the biggest steem dollar hustlers!

I believe in the long run steem would become more valuable and people who hold on to that steem from now would enjoy it in the future. Good post

nice post i will done upvote

Steem price target 100. Lets go!!!!

Thanks for sharing @exyle

your prediction is 100% right hard work never goes to loss.Thanks for sharing your opinion.

thanks for sharing a story............

what a brilliant way of thinking of it, and great motivation thank-you. I have great faith in the platform and what it can do for us all now and in the future

Thanks... Excellent advise.. you're a smart man with a good perspectives

Hi @exyle! You made a good point, I think the most important thing to be successful on Steemit (and even other socials as well) is to enjoy creating contents, of course the monetary side is a big incentive, but it shouldn’t be just posting for the money.

That is why I will also join Appics the moment they open up.

You wrote 2 years ago history about steem. If those days steem worth was 0.10 also it will be $ 10 or $20 in future. It's possible target I believe. STEEM is the foundational cryptocurrency of the Steemit network. STEEM can be exchanged for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies via several prominent exchanges. In order to cast votes, however, you need to turn your STEEM into Steem Power. In fact, if you can hodl steem now its better way. If I'm wrong please correct me because I'm not a financial adviser. Thanks for update @exyle.

I really enjoy composing new content on the blockchain. Every word I write inspires me to do more, it is in my might.

Thanks for sharing! Have a sunny day!

Hello @exyle blessings, excellent explanation, the truth helps us users learn, since it is a very clear and precise explanation.

I think that what we plant will we pick. If the ditanama is good then it will give birth to the seed of goodness. It used to get one SBD and steem is very easy but then the price of both is not as it is today that is quite expensive. But for me writing in steemit is not just about income, but also about writing quality. If the written is good then the results to be obtained are also good

Your best case scenario is still pretty awful.
A post that earns $4 right now is very hard to do. A beginner might have to work for a few days just to produce content that would earn $4. I would know, I've been doing Steemit full time for 5 weeks, and my posts only get about 20 cents.
Even if a newbie lucked out with a $4 post, your suggestion that he or she sit on it for a few years so that it MIGHT go up to $20 is stretching it!
Nobody wants to work for days, luck out, and then wait 3 years just for twenty bucks.
And that's the best case scenario?
I think the "good content" finding mechanism on Steemit is broken. The reward pool isn't going to new accounts posting original content, as it should.... it's going to people who have figured out how to game the system and make a living upvoting on their own spam.

You are handsome, i like

that time was the toughest one to stick you stick to the plans and didn't wanted to take out profits but rather created the value so you deserve it :)

Fabulous post good going friend keep it up.

A year ago you made $0.1 in STEEMIT and today you made millions in short time! That's what we call as inspirational story to all of us! For me this is just a beginning and we have a long way to go! Great you decided to talk about your experiences!


this is a good writing. your writing skills is so good.... thanks for sharing

The process that you do first in 2016 will result in the 2018's. the proof you already feel yourself. the success it needs to process. not easy to reverse the hands. I am proud of the process that you go through

Exactly. By broadening our mind, we can easily the potential in this platform and as you said about your progress from the scratch. Your current position and continuous growth is really an inspiration for all of minnows like me.
Thanks for sharing positive thoughts about this platform Bro.

truly the value do rises. i still strongly believe crypto is the future. with steemit the gap within the poor and the rich will surely be reduce

I'm encouraged

really great post..bro

wow awsome story.unbeliveble.

###Time as you rightly said,is the importance of living.
I seriously enjoyed your writeup.
In essence you are trying to make it known to young minnows never to giveup on their articles and posting.
Because Time will surely tell.
God bless @exyle

great post bro...

Yes, i am true with you and we hope you can post always like that, thanks

Nawa o....$125 for almost not saying anything. when will i be big [sobs]

I did also experienced that when steem went up to 13$ . I felt like I had everything I needed. By then, I was still a newbie and made my choice of becoming a full time steemian. Many of my friends no longer look for work. In africa, a job can give you just a 100$ , bug with hard work on steemit,thaat money can be earned in a day.

I do always try to work hard and increase my rewards and always keep my coins to get an amazing opportunity to come

wow that time was tough but you didn't gave up you are happy today because you did all the hard work earlier such a inspiration you are

Posst good bos

I love that, is a nice one

thanks @exyle, you have encouraged me to keep doing what I love doing even if it yields cents or nothing now.i should keep doing and sharing what I love doing for the world to see what I can do. And long term investment is better ...thanks bro

If you believe in steem, and you believe that you are putting out good content, but you are not getting the exposure that you think you deserve just yet, you might consider paying yourself for your own content. Transfer some steem to your wallet every time you made a post. It might grow in time :)

Good one this time around
Its always my pleasure to view your video

became a motivation for me newcomer to the world of steemit

steem is valuable this is the future we should be happy about each second spent on it is worth it :)

nice post.good job.

This is your Morning-Routine right? You stand up, shower, eat and then record a Vlog?

Thank you for encouraging me to keep on writing quality content here. I am really fired up man.

Regarding the transparency of your wallet in this blockchain, I think that I had no worry about it since it is just peanuts compared to the whales out there. Upvoted!

i read that half of the steem whitepaper but was in a lot of confusion what would be the condition when all the steem tokens would be mined will there be the reward system

considering how low i'm earning here currently, posts like this makes me not wanna give on steemit...and then there's the thrill in writing!

The long term is all that matters. Back in 2010, it took 10,000 Bitcoins to buy 2 pizzas... Can you imagine what would happen if STEEM ends up at $10,000 in a few years?

The post is very inspiring, hopefully this steemit can be more advanced with the presence of a genius like you.

amazing video....thanks for sharing

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