And The "Circus of Dinosaurs" Continue to Entertain...

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Just yesterday I posted about some piece-of-trash article I discovered doing the rounds, whose author makes about as much sense as arguing how much toilet paper is required to wipe a butt. However, with the rise of Bitcoin, out come the parade of idiots by their droves. The latest freak show of which is conducted by none other than Shark Tank regular, Kevin O'Leary. A recent CNBC interview involving himself and Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets. Wanna see "real" car crash television? Just click on this link and see for yourself.


I've heard some arguments against BTC in the past. But this is new ground for me. One can clearly see Kevin literally does not want to know. The mental barriers are all the way up and the only mode of communication to fall back on is mundane abuse of the technology itself. Terms like "crypto crap" and "garbage" spew from his mouth like the verbal diarrhea that it is. But you know what? I get it! Because of his over-inflated ego and complete lack of knowledge on the subject at hand, he finds it easier to simply talk shit about it. An extremely narrow-minded and pathetic stance, but also the plain truth of the matter.

And herein lies one of the best examples I've seen of the relics of yesteryear, giving their two-cents worth about Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general. He never once gave a single statement as to "why" Bitcoin might be a long-term loser. Hell, he even had to be schooled on the fact that his millions of state-backed dollars are only scraps of worthless paper that have "perceived" intrinsic worth. Other than that, they are meaningless. Talk about waking up from out of the Matrix, right? I mean, you got a guy in the Sahara desert dying of thirst. Offer him a million dollars or a glass of water. Which do you think he will take? Straightforward concept to grasp, but seemingly a brain twister to others.

This was pure entertainment gold for me. The way his frustrated mannerisms manifested on-screen as he hadn't a single clue what was going on. And it always seems to be the dinosaurs of our time that are the usual culprits. Again, not all but the vast majority of people over a certain age, simply don't get it and don't "want" to get it. When I grew up, a few of my friends had black and white television sets. I remember one of them in particular who spoke of the jealousy and awe he would feel, going to his friend's house and witnessing the beauty of a true colour set. That was only four decades ago. Talk about technological progression, right? Try explaining the world as it is today to the folks of back then and you'd most likely be committed to the nearest lunatic asylum.

As I've said in the past, one day we will all look back and laugh at the ridiculous statements made of crypto and blockchain technology. Everyone of us involved in it today has the gift of foresight. Of giving something "new" a try and seeing where it all leads. The only real question being, just how far down can this specific rabbit hole actually go?


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Ah well, let them have their say... if it makes them feel better that’s good for them but their bank accounts will reflect a bitter truth in a few years

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The dinosaurs will forever fear what they do not understand. And also most of these old 1% Farts are all heavily invested in the monopolizing fiat mentality. Where the common man stand no chance of ever living a decent life, never mind prospering.

They scared of losing control and actually giving all humans a chance at a semi decent life.

My conclusion. They will be extinct pretty soon, and we the people will be able to eventually feed our children.

The rise in BTC has to be because a United States Congressman put forth a bill to ban cryptocurrency. There can be no other reason. It's an explanation worth at least 50 Steem. Let the upvotes begin. Lol.

That congressional session was unreal. The man’s only perception of cryptocurrencies was that it was for criminals. He couldn’t see the irony of his support for a system that facilitates the very criminal activity he claims to be against with us currency.

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Haha. Was it better than when the guy asked Zuk how Facebook makes $$$ if they don't charge users? That one was awesome. The look on Zuk's face when he realized, these guys really don't have a clue.

It was about as stupid. He couldn’t wrap his head around law abiding, peaceful people in regions without banks needing technology such as BTC.

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I heard it live yesterday on my way home and loved how Pomp said that fiat was worst and no reaction came from the dinosaur. Incredible to see how those in power could easily lose grip with reality when they protect the traditional ways!

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Lol I love seeing them talk about crypto on the news 🤣 always all about the price and never about the technology

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