Current Thoughts About the Crypto and the "STEEM" Price

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The horrors of 2018 are over. A distant memory that almost makes you shudder when you contemplate the incredible drop to the downside we all experienced. And the thing is, this was a veritable bloodbath across the board, with basically nowhere to run. If you were in any digital token and HODLed, chances are you're licking your wounds right about now. But hey, those same wounds also seem to be healing quite nicely by the looks of it.


For someone getting into crypto now, a golden opportunity could be on the horizon. I'm thinking back to 2014, when I first ventured into this space. One Bitcoin was a mere £300 (about $350). I also clearly remember a sudden and huge surge in volume seemingly out of nowhere, comfortably lifting the price level up to around £500. And there was me pissed as hell at the thought of having missed the boat. Makes me laugh looking back at those times and my absolute naivety. Well, forward forward and here we are at Bitcoin now worth over $8,000! And the major indicators are all pointing, once again, exponentially northwards. Another great thing is that 2018 can't be repeated. Sure, price can dip a little more, but to a much lesser extent than before. And perhaps this statement applies more so to STEEM than any other coin out there.

Because the disparity between the price of STEEM and it's fundamentals, is gargantuan, to say the very least. At the time of writing this post, we sit at number 63 in coinmarketcap. In fact falling downhill ever since hitting a high point of number 3 a few years back! Yet we're still one of the most active blockchains out there which continue to grow in scope on a regular basis. We've fallen from a dizzying $9 all the way down to a mere 40 cents, yet today have a thriving eco-system of STEEM-based Dapps to choose from. Steem Monsters, Next Colony, 3Speak, Dtube, Partiko and Steemhunt, to name a few. And the list keeps growing rapidly following every passing week. People say STEEM is simply a system whereby whales upvote other whales in some kind of infinite loop. But that statement is simply redundant given all the different ways STEEM can now be accumulated.

Education is key here and an area, I feel, we still severely lack in. But this should change organically over the course of time. The advertisement of our blockchain will not be because of some elaborate viral marketing campaign, but the sheer amount of people drawn to our eco-system due to consistent development and original innovations. You can see it now. Think what you will about @aggroed or @yabapmatt, but I would go as far as to say, they're almost essential to the success of the STEEM blockchain, within the context of implementing creations capable of changing external mindsets. Basically, exactly what we need right now. Affirmative actions speak louder than words ever can. Because people on the outside want to physically "see" what we can do, as opposed to simply "imagining" it. Those sentiments are echoed for @theycallmedan and @oracle-d, who's tireless dedication to bringing in new users and picking up on niche areas in the market with which the STEEM blockchain can capitalize on. It's an inspiring scene to watch unfold and my personal gratitude to these gentlemen for all their efforts, knows no bounds.

So, we got the community, we got the development, we got the USP. All that's required now is to convince big investors to get on-board by buying up huge chunks of STEEM and therefore making it more scarce on the market. Remember, demand and supply counts. Bitcoin is clear evidence of how impactful it can be on price. Once this is in place, who knows how high STEEM is capable of going. 50 cents? $1? What about $2? Well, just remember that about a decade ago, you could have bought one Bitcoin for just a few cents. Imagine telling those same people back then, it would hit a high of $20,000... And pigs might fly, right? :)


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


Completely agree, just baffled by the drop down the chart given the activity here as you've touched on. I agree that all should pull back fine with the caveat that we stay in the top 100

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I think it's a couple negative stories making the rounds about "Steemit". People only now are realizing it's so much more than just that one Dapp. Sentiments should turn, bud. We got all the right ingredients in place. :)

,This WORK has navigated right into my heart!.

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