Hey Guys! I Just Ate an 800g Steak!

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Damn! Just looking at that sliced slab of meat still makes me drool like a dawg on heat! My lovely wife kindly decided to treat me out to one of the best steakhouses in London. Scratch that. "The" best steakhouse I've ever been too, period. The place isn't cheap by any means, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. These succulent cuts of "Cornish Denver" rib-eye were literal heaven on a plate.

Whereas @rea went for the 200g steak (what "normal" individuals go for), I opted for this epic beast! And devour it I did, together with a side of triple-cooked deliciously crispy fries. Food doesn't get much better than this! In fact, there's a bit of a celebration on the cards at the moment but I'll get into more detail on that tomorrow. This day has been amazing from start to finish so far. And to top it all off, we've got the Disney smash hit "Incredibles 2" to check out.

Fun, fun, and a little more fun thrown in for good measure. Loving life and everything in it... :)

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YES I'm a meatlover as you must know I guess. Seem like you had a very serious historic and heroic portion of beef! Proper stuff man! Love it!

Oh mate! I've heard of the food adventures you guys have partaken in, thanks to the "Green Egg". I'm so jealous but for now, this provides as good a substitute as any for me! Although I hope you've got room for one more in the future. :)

Next time you visit Mark, I’ll make sure we’ll fire up the green giant and make some nice chunk of super tasty 🥩 I already have somethjng in mind!

Can't wait, bro. :)

Christmass is just around the corner ;)

Haha good for you!

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Food heaven, my friend! @rea was checking out the post on Partiko just minutes ago! Hope you're well, my friend and had pleasant travels back home from Poland. :)

Nice! I'm safe and sound in San Francisco haha

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Awesome! Hope to see you again in the near future. And still head over heels for Partiko, bro. :)

Yea! Love a good meal like this!

Looks dammmmmm good. Done right too.

If you guys are ever in the London, defo hit me up! I'll be more than happy to take you there. :)

Would love that! Hopefully we'll be making some SteemBird trips in the not to distant future!

Ever since I got my BGE, I rarely order BBQ at a restaurant. But that looks freaking perfect!!!!

What’s the name of the restaurant? No offence, but when I travel to London, I rarely order beef. Mostly because the few times I have, it never looked like that.


Sure, bro. It's called "Flat Iron". The one pictured here in the newly opened branch in Westbourne Park. Give it a go if you're ever down these parts. It'll change your mind about London beef eateries forever! :)

It is now ... on the list!

Thanks for the tip, and the post!!

this scene will make me give a stop heh I want to eat it all @ezzy

Lol, you'd have loved it too, I'm sure. :)

hum that delight @ezzy made me mouth water

Lol, it was great! :)

Omg. That looks fucking delicious. My mouth is watering right now. Lucky you.

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Pure beauty on a plate. Very, very nice indeed. :)

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