One weird way you will accomplish your goals

in #life4 years ago

pip boy 7.png

I've spent a fair amount of time playing video games over the years, especially a game called Fallout. In this game there's a device called the Pip Boy 3000 which keeps track of your items, health, and quests. I'm sure many players can attest to the satisfaction of completing these quests and earning rewards from doing them. I find treating my real life goals like the ones in the video game allows you to have a lot more fun with it.

I like to start out by thinking of some kind of quirky name for my goal and putting that at the top of my entry in a notebook, aka. real life Pip Boy. Then I'll write a journal entry stating my thoughts, feelings, and reasons for wanting to accomplish said goal, and the context within which the goal must be completed. The final and most important part is writing the quest objectives. I'll do this for multiple goals at a time, but be sure not to overwhelm myself. For me personally, reaching the goal in and of itself is a reward, but when you try this you may want more motivation depending on the difficulty of your quest.

I know it sounds incredibly stupid, but it has helped me to have more fun in reaching short-term and long-term goals in multiple areas of my life.

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