50; A Golden Reputation.

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The long awaited day is here finally!

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I have clocked the mark of 50 with respects to my reputation on this platform.
Today I am celebrating myself for not giving up in the midst of all the odds.

Need I tell you of the various challenges that I faced ever since I signed up? Well, let me point out a few.

It started with my decision to sign up. I kept procrastinating till I got tired and finally signed up someday in January. (I procrastinated from October till January 😢, don't tell anyone please).

Thereafter, the wait for approval became longer than I anticipated. Long story summarized. That first account has never been accepted till date. The reason for that is unknown. But I suspect my village people had a hand in it 😂.

With the help of @samuelwealth & encouragement from @fidelmboro, I gathered courage to sign up for a second account. Eventually the account was approved within 72hours. Praise the Lord! 💃

Contrary to my fears, being on Steemit was harder in reality than in surreality. I was faced with a fresh challenge of brainstorming for quality contents, making friends here, staying relevant & smiling to the bank with sacks of coins 😂.

Against these odds, I fared.
At last, I'm here rocking a reputation of 50.

The journey just started, I'm headed for the topmost part of the top.

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Many thankssssssss to everyone who has been there for me through the struggle till now especially @cryptotem (for the upvotes & great feedbacks), @churchboy (for the interesting challenges & informational replies), @danieldyemusic (for your support via upvotes & feedbacks), @samuelwealth (for everything, you are a great friend), @fidelmboro (for sharing helpful tips with me & for the occasional upvotes), @pkalra (for steembulls & for your friendship), @zekepickleman (you've been amazing, how's your jujitsu), etc.

Thank you everyone & cheers 🍻 to a golden reputation!!!


Congratulations brother

Congrats on reaching 50 @fada.emma!

When good posts and quality on-topic comments are created, they deserve upvotes, so you did it all by yourself :-)

Keep up the good work!

Thanks again @cryptotem.

How's life @62 reputation?

Congrats bro! Building an empire!

Jiu jitsu is great! I am hopefully building up the momentum to train more now that the change of the season has happened and I am settling back in. Make you feel old and young at the same time!

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