The benefits of honey

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Basically, almost everyone knows that honey is a health food produced by bees and beneficial to the health of the human body. But you know, besides health benefits, honey is also useful for beauty and is used as a traditional medicine. The following are the benefits and facts of honey health that many people don't yet know.

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1.Treating infections in wounds

Who would have thought if this sweet food could treat infections and inhibit the movement of bacteria in the wound. Because, honey can absorb water that causes infection in the wound and helps the body to form new tissue damaged by injury.

2.Relieve sore throat

The next health benefit of honey is that it can relieve sore throat and cough. By consuming honey often, it can cleanse phlegm in the respiratory tract and is efficacious as a mild disinfectant that helps relieve sore throat.

3.Beauty and Skin Health

Not many people know the benefits of honey for beauty and skin health, ranging from moisturizers to antiseptics that can maintain skin health because it contains magnesium, potassium and calcium which helps regenerate cells that have been damaged in the skin. Actually, the benefits of honey for beauty has been used for a long time, namely by Cleopatra, an Egyptian queen who at that time was still considered a beauty expert throughout the world.

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Thanks for this i have sore throat right now but all of the medicine that i am taking is not effecting. Maybe i should have to try this

Also, buying local honey can be beneficial for allergies.
As far as taste, my favorite is Tupelo honey.