The bridegroom was taken away by strangers at a wedding

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Wedding scene, full house

A pair of new faces full of happiness...

When the wedding is about to enter a climax

A few strange "guests" came to the groom

After a brief exchange

The "guest" sat sideways waiting for the groom to finish the wine

Then take it away

On the spot left behind the crying bride

With friends and family

This is a scene from a restaurant in Dongguan, Shipai recently.

What is the groom Wang in the end?

Who took him away from the wedding scene?


Because it involves a criminal case

The groom Wang’s negative case

From Henan hometown to Dongguan to marry his girlfriend

After his whereabouts were reported by insiders

Police promptly attacked

Due to humane law enforcement considerations

After the wedding ceremony is over

Bring it away from the scene

Wedding Emerges Unfamiliar Guests

Talking about the bridegroom being taken away by the police at the wedding ceremony, Awang, the hotel service staff on the scene, was still fresh in his memory. “I was the scene service staff and basically witnessed the whole process of this matter.”

A high-end restaurant in Shek Pai town was the day when Wang and his girlfriend got married.

According to Awang's memories, around 10 am, relatives, friends and fellow countrymen who came to Hershey came one after another. A happy bridegroom Wang and the bride met the guests at the entrance of the restaurant. Wang’s mother also greeted relatives at the scene.

About 11 o'clock, suddenly came a few strangers, the bride and groom thought it was a guest who came to the wedding. When they were ready to say hello, they called the groom and his mother in a secluded place.

A few minutes later, the groom returned to the restaurant and continued to entertain friends and relatives. However, his face was not as full of joy as before. Instead, his face was gloomy and his mother was the same. Several strangers found a corner to sit down.