there is a time when we are sad

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Sadly, this sad. Sad with various things. Death, misfortune, loss, insults and insults, people's curses and so on.

There is also a sad with the appearance of his face, grieving with the incident, grieving his fate, sad with his way of life.

No less sad with her weak self, low faith, little worship and so on.

There is time, indeed humans will feel the sadness.

Perhaps you have read this verse: "Do not grieve, Allah is with us." (At-Taubah: 40)
Ok, what if we still feel sad?

It seems there is something wrong in our hearts. In the above verse, we need not grieve because God is with us. If we are still sad, we do not seem to feel close to God

What is meant to be sad is not to cry.

Crying is meant in order to fear and hope for God, that we may be free from the fires of hell.

Prohibited grief is sadness due to impatience, not accepting destiny, and showing self-weakness.

Grieving is Human Custom

The Prophets were sad. Even the Messenger of Allah was sad when left by the people loved and loved him. However, the Prophets were not exaggerated in grief.

The Prophets immediately rose and again struggled without lengthening sadness.

But the syndrome of our circle is, we like to lengthen sadness. As if God is not a manifestation in our lives.

Grieving Not Taught

Grieving (other than fearing for God) is not taught in religion. In fact we meet many verses and hadith that forbids us to grieve.

"Do not grieve, Allah is with us." (Surat al-Tawbah: 40)

"Do not be weak, and do not grieve, though you are the most tallest people, if you are believers." (QS.Ali 'Imran: 139)

Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) prayed to avoid being sad,

"O God, I take refuge in You from kufr and purity; O God, I seek Your protection from the Penalty of the grave. There is no god but You. "(Narrated by Abu Dawud)
How can we not be sad?

If we look at the above mentioned verses and traditions, at least we already have two powers to keep us from being in sadness.


From the above verse (At Taubah: 40) that the way to remove sorrow is to realize, know, and remember that God is with us.

If we are aware that God is with us, then what do we need to fear?

What makes us sad. Allah is omnipotent, God is Merciful, Allah is Knowing what is best for us.

When sorrow continues to happen to us, we may forget or lose our sense of awareness that God is with us. That is why we are commanded to continue to remember God.

"Remember, it is only in the remembrance of Allah that the heart is rested." (Surah Ar Ra'd: 28)

From this verse, we already know how to remove the sadness, anxiety, and fear of bi zikrillah, by praising God.

When I experience sadness, fear, or anxiety, there are three sentences that I often use to remembrance.

Istighfar, begs forgiveness of Allah.La haula wala quwwata illa billah (No effort and no power except with God's help) Hasbunallaah wa ni'mal wakiil (Sufficient God to be our Helper and Allah is the best Protector)

Alhamdulillah, sadness, anxiety, and fear will subside after berzikir with sentences above. It must be remembered that dhikr is not only in the mouth but must enter the heart.


How to get rid of sorrow is to pray as exemplified by the Messenger of Allah. The Prophet also asks God for help, what else we are, much more need God's help. So pray.

O God, I plead with You from sighing and grief, weakness and laziness, I seek refuge with You rather than cowardice and virtue, and I seek Your protection from debt and controlled by someone (Hadith narrated by Abu Daud)

This prayer is taught by Rasulullah to Abu Umamah when the king finds him sad in the mosque.

Sadness is a necessity. But it should not be excessive

Sad is good. Once in a while he softens the heart. Signs of a sensitive soul. Sensitive hearts.

But soaking our spirits into sadness for too long will sprinkle them.

What is the reason for lengthening sadness?

Sorrow will never be a solution to a problem.

So pay attention to the problem, move it over.

If the problem does not come with a solution, for example: Death of a close friend, beloved teacher, beloved father of the father and so on, be courageous and step on what is still there for us.
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Surely a believer should not be sad for too long.

Because he has God by his side.

And sadness is not the way a servant of God dedicates himself to Him

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