The hidden disease

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About 4.5 years ago, an aunt lives near our house, having 2 childs, her husband was no more. I go their and ask her whether she need anything else, but she replied none of you will ever came to my home again ever. I feel very disappoint and come back.

After it I notice some men handsome came inside her home, they have conversation for long time. Then they came very often, and when they came she gets her childs out of the house by making any excuse, plus she uses good perfumes, which even sometime their pleasant smell fragrant our surroundings, this all make her case strong, We all noticed her for six months.

In this scenario we expect her as a bad character, and we decided to talk to her to leave our society, but due to delay within 4 months she died…We all feels that’s it is good for of our community. After it we came to know that she have a specific disease, due to which she keeps away other peoples and her Childs away from her, this disease also makes poor smell, due to this she uses good perfumes and the men are her doctors and nutritionist..

These all facts dramatically change the whole picture and her image..

Some time I feel very sad and think, that the Hidden disease is not just for her, I also have hidden disease, due to which I think negative about her as well as spread hastens for her
without knowing the facts.. Alas!


it is Great lesson

So touching. I had an aunt whom I lost to cancer. We should not judge people from afar without knowing what they are going through.

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Great post there. Apart from the lessons learnt, i have also come to understand three effective ways of accomplishing more in life.

#1 Play the Game

We have a tendency to take ourselves too seriously. This often results in becoming too stiff and unyielding when it comes to changing our plans and adapting to new situations. Being flexible and able to see how our circumstances can serve us is critical to our success.

#2 Purge the Distractions

First, it’s important to know the distinction between what’s truly good for you and what you use as a distraction. This can be tricky. For example, spending two hours on Facebook isn’t very productive, unless it’s part of your job. When we’re trying to distract ourselves, it’s usually because we’re supposed to do something challenging.

#3 Write Down Ideas to Make Them Count

Our minds are constantly in a bind, always working, chattering and in that noise, good ideas are born, but they can be easily lost. Nurturing the habit of writing down your ideas and thoughts is by far one of the best things you can do. It allows you to remember your creative outbursts, even when you can’t make use of them right away.

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Sometimes we keep our intimate things very close to the inside without knowing that at some point it will come to public light and we can hurt our loved ones. Hiding a disease does not bring benefits to anyone, YOU CAN NOT HIDE THE SUN WITH A FINGER!

Thank you very much for sharing :)

Sometimes, we, people can judge and punish the others without being in their shoes beforehand. The article is another reminder to think before we judge!

That is just very sad🙊...

We have to be very careful in the assumptions we make about people.

What a terribly sad story of a community that judged instead of reaching out. So often we assume we know all the facts when we actually know very little, would things turned out differently if the community reached out to her...probably not, but maybe she may have felt the love of her community rather than feeling completely alone.