I know I'm amazed people really loved this one :) I will continue to encourage and one day I just might be a whale so I can give more :)

people really loved this one

99% votes come from bots. I think people don't like posts like this on trending (many downvotes from reputable members of community).

These comments are from real people and everyone else uses the bots just as much if not more. Do you know how I can see all my votes at once, sorry I'm still a novice :) I looked at a few people who flagged me and they use bots and upvote themselves like crazy. I'm one guy with one account and am in the guide lines of steemit.

I looked at a few people who flagged me and they use bots and upvote themselves like crazy.


I'm wondering why you don't at least fix the typos in your post. You paid all this money to be Steemit famous for a day, and that's how you want to represent yourself? Sloppy and lazy?

I flagged your post because I disagree with the rewards. What you did here was selfish. If members here decided this post was good enough to be near the top on the front page, I would never flag it. They didn't decide, you did. You spent hundreds of dollars to place a shit post on our front page and it makes us all look bad. If the greatest post in the history of this platform was produced today, it stands no chance of reaching this front page because of assholes like you taking that opportunity away from them.

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I will second that motion.

Amen @nonameslefttouse, I hate grumpycat, but I already hate this liar more.

I wasn't going to say anything, but he threw me under the bus. To his credit, I've seen some major improvements. It's unfortunate some of these people still insist on pushing their work to our fake trending page. It's unfortunate how many who take this road end up losing money and feeling scammed. It's unfortunate they don't allow others at least a shot at being seen while they trend multiple times per day. It's unfortunate how, in most cases, these folks don't realize they take away from others when they decide to place these sizable amounts of rewards beside their posts. It's unfortunate so many of us have stopped caring and simply leave. Every time I come across these situations, I too take a step closer to that door. I pointed out how this would happen many months ago. Now we're watching it all unfold. Soon it will just be a tiny handful of accounts paying more and more to push others down so their posts can sit higher. Then everyone loses. I think that's what they want though, otherwise, they would check themselves before they wreck themselves.

I read this comment live on the air today, crediting you of course, during a lively discussion around these topics, while doing episode 21 of Steemitizens of Steem, live on the @SteemStarNetwork. I'm uploading the replay video tonight to publish it by sometime tomorrow. Your remarks were very well received by our live audience.

Check this out. It's a filtering tool, just released. I've already asked if there's a way to exclude posts using bidbots and paid votes. I'm awaiting an answer. If it can be implemented, it's a game changer, and we get free visibility back. Spread the word.

Wow, so amazing what bots can do around here. @fblso Thanks for calling this out👍🏻👍🏻

read the comments boys those aren't bots. Were on the same playing with the same opportunities I don't get what your problems are. Maybe you just need a hug