It's no fun having limited mobility guys!

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A little update...

I'm not sure how many of you know I've injured my right ankle after many days (and some nights) doing vigorous exercises, namely high impact aerobics. I've paid the price guys and was recently diagnosed as having Baxter's neuropathy in my feet! In short, I have trapped nerves which my surgeon suggested my leg needs to be splinted, so on top of being laid out for over 6 months, I'm having to spend another 6 months hobbling on crutches and relying on friends and relatives to take care of me..thanks guys!

I'm having a hard time accepting my vulnerability..

however the good news is in the time I've been unable to walk properly, I've had time to do some writing and post here on Steemit! It's exciting to have time to do the things we neglect when we're busy doing for others when that time could be spent doing for ourselves. But on the other hand it's no fun lying around having plenty of time to think about the things we could be doing, but not feeling well enough or fit enough to do them. So, when I'm not posting on Steemit, it means I'm in excruciating pain and feeling miserable because of it. But I'm logging on daily, viewing what I can only describe as very creative and informative content, upvoting and resteeming where it peaks my interest, while supporting the community in all its endeavours.