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I was talking with a few of my friends who are having problems with their children. Some are already grandmothers, others are single mothers living with partners, or happily married. But they all have one thing in common; young and adult children who are ungrateful, disrespectful, don't listen, and act as if they are the adults and their parent's the children.

Children who leave home, the home where parents take pride in raising and nurturing their kids, giving all they have, making sacrifices and compromises losing their SELF along the way. To be left looking around and thinking - what is this about? I got thinking about this and wondered what the world would look if the law changed all over the world to give priority to mothers and fathers over and above the rights of their children? Further, what if the Universe removed our children from our lives in order for us to live our full lives?

Currently the construct of UK society is that we are responsible to raise our children til' the age of 18. I think that's too long! From the moans and groans I hear from parents, I think children should be put to work from the age of 10, to learn life skills. Parents can then plan from the point of children's birth, to follow their dreams, to set goals for themselves, the things they wish to achieve in their lives, and not settle for less than what they are worth.

Our children are not the total sum of what we are worth..

Children will eventually fly the nest, pursuing their own goals and dreams, sometimes they don't even look back to find out how you're doing. It will be hard to get them to spend 5 minutes with you let alone an hour of their time talking with you, comforting you or making plans with you. These are the things my friends are complaining about, and I have to admit I share some of these concerns with my own children. So here's what I've done. I've come up with a list of things that should be mandatory when children are 10 years old.

  1. They should start school when they are 10 years old and complete their education at 15.
    That way parents can enjoy their parenting role of discipline and control.

  2. In school, instead of learning about subjects and topics, children should be taught how to cook, clean and shop for themselves. That way when they come home in the afternoons, parents can welcome a home cooked meal, enjoy sitting around in a clean and tidy home, and no longer have to think about doing the shopping.

  3. They should be taught to provide financially and to care for their elderly mother and father in recognition of all the hard work they put in, and the time taken to raise them. The only exception being when children have been abused - that way parents can save for a rainy day and perhaps go on holiday two to three times a year to enjoy themselves.

  4. Upon graduating at 15 and completing a qualification on Obedience, children should be sent out into the world for life to whip, shape and mould them into who they should be. That way parents get to live a full life without regret, with money in the bank to fund and live their best life.

'Happy Mother's Day'


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Taken from J Law memoirs [February 2018]