We need to go back to clean the MESS we left behind.

in #life4 years ago


To be able to move on in our lives and accomplish life goals, we have to go back to the mess we left behind. This is real talk people, I got up this morning and the reality of where I am hit like a bolt out of the sky. We have to go back to the things we did or didn’t do, the bills we should have paid and didn’t pay, the apology we should have made and was afraid. WE HAVE TO GO BACK PEOPLE TO CLEAN UP OUR MESS! The mess we left behind thinking it was the other person’s fault, problem, solution, addiction, taking no responsibility for what we said, did, could, would, should. Until we become responsible and accountable for the mess in our lives, and take the necessary steps that requires us to clean inside our cupboards, sweep behind and underneath our sofas, wipe and open our windows and let the fresh air in, you will remain STUCK where you are! Stuck in not knowing what to do, how to feel with our goals and dreams trailing behind us with thoughts of ‘if only’ or, ‘I wish’, and more importantly..’if only I knew then’.

How many of us are in routines where we blindly say and do things without thinking about how our actions or lack of action is affecting the people we care about? Selfishly going about making ourselves comfortable in someone’s house, using stuff that don’t belong to us, taking property at liberty, pretending and demanding respect for all that stuff. WHAT THE FUCK! What gets me is how many of us don't put our foot down and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Here’s what the real deal is…you’re not getting away with it. Some day, some how that day will come when you will be forced to CLEAN UP YOUR MESS! All the things you said, or did, the people you rumbled or crumbled. One day, you will be faced with the reality of where you are, in some cases it will be with who you’re with and think to yourself..





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