FireDream's long weekend runaway.

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It is not the highways that takes you to the most beautiful places...

Theme Song: Rainbow - Catch the Rainbow

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Hey @firedream, do you take comissions? I want something similar to what you already have going at but it should use author rewards instead and save them to a local .ini file in the usual .ini file structure. Optionally (something that could be enabled/disabled in a config file) converting to the USD equivalent value at the time would be perfect.

hello @felipejoys,
1- save a local.ini file is possible with node.js but takes time.
2- conversion to USD equivalent is also possible using coinmarketcap API

for the main purpose, how do you want to see the author rewards?
How is it different than the tool?

To keep it simple and not use node, would you like to open the .ini file in a new browser window and save as anyname.ini? This is much faster.

When you say .ini, what are the keys? Can you provide me a sample structure with all the data?


It needs to add values to an existing local file, let's call it players.ini. I want them to be read by a game engine later, which will treat it as the player's cash, along with other variables

I want to run it once to track every post from a single account for the last 7 days, so I can make changes to the file, I only have to run it once a week and I can schedule an autorun.

Where 1 = $0.0001 USD, which should be the minimum, the converted value from the upvote gets added to the cash variable. It should look like this:


I got what you want.
Sounds fun and educating for me.
I will work on it, inform you on the progress.


Hey. Any news?

Ha! This reminds me that I need to put out a witness update.

I'll upvote a witness who gets the job done too. My main exchange is bittrex but we'd all benefit from more options.

Taking a vacation now and then is good.

And jellyfish ... they seem to be everywhere these days ...

When the wind is from the sea they come with the flow...

Haha... NICE to see you started on dtube, but WHERE in the world are you??!! :D

Just trying DTube :) The place is at 40.518898, 27.726222

Beautiful footage - where is it? It looks like it should be cold but you are swimming about with no wetsuit, no probs.

Thanks @eftnow... The weather was hot, 28 - 30 Celcius although it was raining at the last day.

@firedream you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Nice bot, but I think this post has already been paid out.

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